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Working Remotely and Online Free ESL Lesson Download

Working Remotely and Online Free ESL Lesson Download

This lesson plan on working remote and online was designed for upper-intermediate students and is extra-relevant to our world today! It features new vocabulary and reading exercises that put the vocabulary in context. Prompt students to discuss and debate using the pictures, questions, and vocabulary provided.

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March 24, 2021


  1. Working Remotely and Online ESL Lesson Plan © 2014-2021 Global

    Online Language Services Inc.
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  3. Working online Today, people who work online need to be

    familiar with technology. A D C B © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  4. Do you need to communicate with customers or clients? What

    kind of devices do you use? A phone, a tablet or a laptop? Is part or all of your job online? Do you have a strong wi-fi connection? What about you? © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  5. Today, many people work online. Many people spend up to

    9 hours a day working via electronic devices. The Internet has affected every industry. In particular, publishing and finance have turned into almost 100% online industries. The rise of online jobs In the 21st century, working online has become increasingly common. What percentage of people are working online in your industry? Today, many journalists work exclusively online. Their articles are published only online. And in banking and finance, there are fewer and fewer people working behind a counter. Most people in finance now work all day in front of a computer. © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  6. Vocabulary Match the terms to their definitions, which you will

    need for the upcoming text. a person who makes and repairs wooden objects to maintain the physical components of a computer, as opposed to software specialist to continue the situation or the condition of something carpenter a person with detailed understanding of a particular subject hardware © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  7. Working online I work in the company’s IT department and

    help people who are working online. One thing that really surprises me is people’s lack of knowledge of the tools that they use. For example, many people treat their hardware badly. And second, people don’t maintain and update their software. They expect the computer to do everything itself, and then complain that computers will replace them! People who work online successfully need specialist knowledge and an understanding of how to use technology. No one would trust a carpenter who didn’t know how to use a saw, so why do people who work online fail to know their own tools? Maria works in IT. © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  8. Points of view What do you think? ‘You need to

    strike a balance. If you spend time communicating via the Internet, you should also remember to interact with real people.’ ‘I hate working online. I stare at a computer all day. It’s bad for my mind and bad for my body.’ ‘Working online is great… unless the wi-fi goes down. Without wi-fi, it’s almost impossible to do anything now.’ © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  9. Working remotely What do you think about working remotely? What

    kinds of jobs can you perform this way? Which jobs will never be done remotely? What personal skills do you need to work remotely? Do you need particular personality characteristics to work successfully in this way? © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  10. More vocabulary You will read a text about working remotely.

    Match terms to definitions. your reasons for acting or behaving in a certain way self-discipline a region of the globe that keeps a standard time for commercial and legal purposes trait the ability to control your weaknesses time zone a quality or characteristic, belonging to one person motivation © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  11. Will the office disappear? James works remotely. In fact, his

    company doesn’t have an office. I think I have the best job in the world. I teach English as a Second Language and I work remotely. I don’t have to be in an office and I can choose to work the hours I want. However, if you work remotely you must have certain character traits. For example, you must have self-discipline. I get up at 5am and exercise, then I work from 6am until 2:30pm. I do this every day, no matter what. I have plenty of motivation. I don’t need someone to tell me that I am good at my job. I love what I do so it’s easy to do my job. Routine is very important if you want to work remotely. I live in Sydney, Australia and I teach European business people. I have to make sure that I’m ok to work in my students’ time zones, so it’s important for me to be in bed each night by 9:30pm. © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  12. Working remotely Do you consider yourself a motivated person? What

    are your weaknesses? Do you have good self-discipline? Why do you think that James sticks to a routine? Can you think of any advantages or disadvantages of working remotely? Would you be able to work unusual hours? © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  13. More vocabulary Working remotely can be challenging. Match terms and

    definitions. to try to resolve a problem, especially with computers or other technology distraction interruption an act that suddenly stops you doing what you were doing to troubleshoot a thing that stops you from concentrating on something else obligation a duty or commitment; something that you must do © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  14. It’s not always easy James talks about the challenges of

    working remotely. It’s important that you work in a quiet space. If there are other people in your house – especially young children – then there will be constant interruptions. Don’t work in the kitchen. And you must not put yourself in a place with a lot of distractions. Stay away from the television! You also have to be good at troubleshooting. If your computer doesn’t work, you must be ready to resolve the problem. There is usually no one to assist you. Other than that, it’s just family obligations. Because I work from home, people think that I’m always free. My mother thinks I’m always on vacation and so she asks me to do things for her during the day. It’s a little annoying. © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  15. What do you think? What distractions exist for you in

    the home? Do you have a lot of family obligations? Would it be easy to find a quiet space to work? How would you set up your remote office? Would constant interruptions be a problem for you? How challenging would it be for you to work remotely? © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.
  16. Points of view What do you think about these opinions?

    Explain your reasons. ‘I thought that working remotely would make me happy. I wouldn’t need to take public transport and I wouldn’t need to wear a shirt and tie. However, working remotely was hard. I felt lonely. There was no-one to talk with. And I felt lost, like I wasn’t part of the company any longer.’ ‘I have worked remotely for three years and I love it. I use video conference software to stay in touch with my colleagues and clients. I don’t have to travel on the train. And I eat better. No more takeout food from city restaurants.’ © 2014-2021 Global Online Language Services Inc.