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What's so special about Elm?

What's so special about Elm?

This presentation was given at Webbisauna (https://www.webbisauna.fi/) on April 1st, 2016.

The slides themselves don't tell that much, but the talk was recorded, so hopefully I can link the video here sooner or later.


Ossi Hanhinen

April 01, 2016

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  1. What’s so special about Elm? Ossi Hanhinen Futurice @ohanhi

  2. What we used to do

  3. jQuery Hello Tampere Tampere event listener change

  4. jQuery Hello Tampere Tampere event listener change Ajax change

  5. React Just the UI Redux Predictable state

  6. Single State Model View map

  7. Single Update Action Update View View Model

  8. Single Update Action Update User View Model View

  9. I thought this talk was supposed to be about Elm!?

  10. React is JavaScript

  11. Elm is Elm

  12. Functional Programming

  13. Is your function pure?

  14. Is your function pure?

  15. In Elm all functions are pure

  16. Currying and Partial Application

  17. Demo: Currying

  18. Functional Reactive Programming

  19. Demo: Interactive app

  20. Language features

  21. elm Strong static types That don’t get in the way

  22. Elm has guarantees

  23. zero runtime exceptions

  24. Tools elm-make - Build Elm and catch errors ahead of

    time elm-package - Package manager that enforces SemVer elm-reactor - Hot swapping and time-traveling since 2013 elm-format - Automatic code beautification
  25. “Go and learn Elm. Seriously. It is the simplest language

    I have ever tried, and the team has put a crazy lot of effort into making the developer experience as nice as possible.” @ohanhi