Confidence in the frontend with Elm

Confidence in the frontend with Elm

This talk was given at GeeCON ( in May 2016. The talk was recorded, but the video is not online as of yet.

**I have added relevant notes overlaid on the slides so you can get the all the information by reading the slides.**

During the last few years, more and more logic in web applications has shifted to the frontend. Technologies like AngularJS, React and Redux have made it reasonable to build large apps that run in the users' browsers. However, being a fully dynamic language with no guarantees, JavaScript can easily get unwieldy as the project scope grows. With static typing and an incredibly helpful compiler, Elm can alleviate these problems.Elm is a fun contemporary language designed for building UI applications. It compiles to standard JavaScript. With this talk, you will gain an understanding of developing in Elm feels like in practice. In particular, you will learn why using the language leads to an unprecedented confidence in frontend development.


Ossi Hanhinen

May 12, 2016