She Says UK

She Says UK

Building Skype in the classroom with teachers from around the world



July 14, 2011


  1. None
  2. “Life’s too short to build something nobody wants” Ash Maurya

  3. Skype came to us with a communications brief They had

    seen that teachers were using Skype in exciting and innovative ways and they wanted to use these stories to inspire other teachers
  4. None
  5. We thought we knew what the solution was: help teachers

    create lesson plans around using Skype in their classroom
  6. We were wrong...

  7. Finding out what teachers really want

  8. What is the biggest obstacle to using Skype in your

    classroom? 30% 21% 16% 11.5% 10.3% 5% Finding another class or expert Putting together an effective lesson Lack of buy in from stakeholders Not comfortable using the tech No examples of how to use Skype Need help to get started
  9. The solution was to create a rich directory that makes

    it easy to find and partner with other teachers
  10. We launched a beta in 4 weeks 2,750 TEACHERS SIGNED

  11. Teachers loved the directory and there was early media interest

  12. None
  13. We watched what teachers were doing

  14. It’s about continuous learning

  15. ...and it works

  16. 1. See the problem through your audience’s eyes 2. Prove

    how wrong you are fast, so you can find out what’s right 3. Articulating problems is more important than defining solutions 4. Keep learning all the time 5. Don’t be afraid of change
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