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Three Pigs Noir Scene 2: Murder of Straw

August 01, 2020

Three Pigs Noir Scene 2: Murder of Straw

A film noir twist on the three little pigs, we follow Detective Wolfie who was hired by Mrs. Hamilton to investigate the murder of her youngest son, Strawbert.

This is act two of a five-act storyboard written and boarded by S.Q.U.A.D. (Story Quests & Unauthorized Adventures in Drawing), a group of story artist dedicated to growing as story artists together.


August 01, 2020

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  1. Dialog Lay-La: I'll get you in. It wont be like

    last time. You'll sober up...
  2. Dialog Mama Wolf (hallucination):: Honey, youre a wolf in a

    pig's world. Dont show hostility but you
  3. Dialog Officer Pig #2: I dont care if it was

    the Mrs Hamilton or the captain who let him on! I want him
  4. Dialog Wolfie: The scent is only a few hours old.

    They still must be in the city.
  5. Dialog Officer Pig #1: What if the wolf DID it?

    How convenient he'd come back to the scene of the crime