Is Online Learning Right For Me?

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August 15, 2016

Is Online Learning Right For Me?

Tips and strategies for being a successful online student



August 15, 2016


  1. Is Online Learning Right For Me? Online learning offers learners

    flexibility – the ability to access course content anytime from almost anywhere. Many students prefer this mode of delivery and enjoy engaging with the course and their peers virtually Take a moment to look through this short presentation to see tips and strategies to be a successful online learner and see if it’s the right fit for your learning style
  2. You will need regular access to a computer Preferably a

    personal computer with administrator privileges Technical Requirements
  3. While much can be done with tablets, smartphones and other

    mobile devices they are not guaranteed to work in all areas of the course For an optimal experience you must have a laptop or desktop computer
  4. Preparing for Online Learning It is true you can work

    from almost anywhere, anytime you want (you may be required to attend a scheduled webinar) But there are a few tips to help you get set for this learning
  5. Online learning is flexible… …but it does not mean it

    is less work!
  6. An online course will take as much time (maybe more)

    and is as academically rigorous as an on-campus course
  7. Set up a quiet space, free from distraction, to work

    from with good internet connection Try to find a personal space (not a shared living space)
  8. Being a Successful Online Learner There are several strategies to

    keep you on task and help you stay motivated in the course
  9. Get involved with the orientation material right away Take time

    to explore the online learning environment Check in often
  10. Set up a study calendar with a regular schedule Having

    a schedule will keep you on task and on time
  11. Develop relationships with your peers Take part in online discussions

    and blogs Get Social!
  12. Seek help if and when you need it If the

    provided help resources are not enough, reach out to your peers in the course as well as your TAs and your instructor
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