Tips To Become A Better QE: Lessons From The Trenches

5be9b08cd178f87cca6de19f00a9992c?s=47 Og Maciel
November 02, 2016

Tips To Become A Better QE: Lessons From The Trenches

What makes a Quality Engineer better than others Quality Engineers? What are the skills and required Modus Operandi that sets really good Quality Engineers apart from their peers? You've seen them, you may even have one of them working on your team! I'm talking about the Elite QE member that seems to know all the tricks and tips on how to handle pretty much every single task thrown their way without a bat of an eye! They are the ones that somehow seem to know the answer to pretty much everything that is going around and somehow find the time to not only do their job, but do it really well! Would you like to be part of this Elite Team? Do you wish you knew the secret to their 'powers'? Well, now you can! In the talk I will reveal and explain how you too can become a Super Quality Engineer! Based on real world experience and well tested methods, I will show you how to expertly create issue reports, how to perform data mining and derive useful information from customer cases, how to become the "Go To" person for your project, and how to stop trusting your gut and start using REAL DATA to make REAL, LOGICAL DECISIONS! Whether you just started working in the field of Quality Engineering or are a seasoned veteran, this talk will provide you valuable information that will help you map your career and guide you to become a Better Quality Engineer!


Og Maciel

November 02, 2016