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Drupal and the rise of the Documents

December 03, 2011

Drupal and the rise of the Documents

Presentation about NoSQL database and Drupal given during the Drupal Day Rome 2011


December 03, 2011

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  1. Drupal and the rise of the Documents Claudio Beatrice (@omissis)

    1 Monday, December 5, 11
  2. It was a warm summer evening in ancient Greece, when

    one of the greatest philosopher of all times(guess who? :) gave birth to the Theory of Forms, greatly contributing to Ontology, eg the study of the nature of being, existence or reality as such. 2 Monday, December 5, 11
  3. An entity(from greek εἶναι, “to be”) may be defined as

    a thing which is recognized as being capable of an independent existence and which can be uniquely identified. An entity is an abstraction from the complexities of some domain. When we speak of an entity we normally speak of some aspect of the real world which can be distinguished from other aspects of the real world. 3 Monday, December 5, 11
  4. Who did just say “yeah but whattabout relationships... A relationship

    captures how two or more entities are related to one another. 4 Monday, December 5, 11
  5. ... and tables?” 5 Monday, December 5, 11

  6. and btw, a question: Awesome! Count to 3 and go

    asking mr. Boyce and mr. Codd then 6 Monday, December 5, 11
  7. A quick look at Drupal’s system table This is quite

    a good example from “Master how to hammer a screw vol. 666”: there must be a better solution! 7 Monday, December 5, 11
  8. Introducing MongoDB • Document oriented • schema-less • json-style •

    Scalable • sharding • replica sets • Performant • Fully featured • indexes • queries • map/reduce • gridfs • geospatial functions • capped collections • journaling 8 Monday, December 5, 11
  9. It looks like an interesting compromise between performance, scalability and

    number of functionalities Introducing MongoDB 9 Monday, December 5, 11
  10. Oh noes! Philosophy again! Flexibility Power Ease of use Speed/Scaling

    JSON documents provide a schema-less, rich data model that maps to native programming language types A consistent set of RDBMS features implemented such as secondary indexes, dynamic queries, sorting, upserts, aggregation plus his own ones such as gridfs and map/reduce Embedded documents help avoiding heavy joins, while auto sharding makes quick and easy to scale out the database Installing, configuring, maintaining and using MongoDB are all kept as easy as possible: more time for your app, less for your server configuration 10 Monday, December 5, 11
  11. Ok then.. tell us about Drupal! mongodb - support library

    for the other modules mongodb_block - stores block information mongodb_cache - stores cache mongodb_field_storage - stores fields mongodb_session - stores sessions mongodb_queue - DrupalQueueInterface implementation mongodb_watchdog - store watchdog messages search_api_mongodb - backend storage mechanism for Search API 11 Monday, December 5, 11
  12. Time for a demo! 12 Monday, December 5, 11

  13. Stuff & references https://github.com/omissis/Drupal-MongoDB-Playhouse http://mongodb.org http://drupal.org/project/mongodb http://drupalwatchdog.com/1/1/performance-scalability- drupal-7 http://groups.drupal.org/node/183279 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entity-relationship_model

    13 Monday, December 5, 11
  14. http://sf2010.drupal.org/conference/sessions/ mongodb-humongous-drupal.html http://www.archive.org/details/Mongodb- HumongousDrupal_491 http://www.archive.org/details/ drupalconchi_day3_practical_mongo_db Sessions from past Drupalcons

    San Francisco 2010 Copenhagen 2010 Chicago 2011 14 Monday, December 5, 11
  15. The Next Big Drupal Things Drupal Dev Days 2012 Barcelona

    - June 15-17 Drupalcon EU 2012 Munich - August 20-23 15 Monday, December 5, 11
  16. Claudio Beatrice http://twitter.com/#!/omissis http://agavee.com http://associazione.drupalitalia.org 16 Monday, December 5, 11

  17. 17 Monday, December 5, 11