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Is work not satisfying anymore? A few proven ideas to think

Prince Kumar
September 16, 2023

Is work not satisfying anymore? A few proven ideas to think

Are you feeling unfulfilled at your work? Join me for a thought-provoking 10-minute talk to explore a few proven strategies for reigniting passion. Discover new perspective to approach your work and leave feeling inspired to make meaningful changes in your professional life.

Prince Kumar

September 16, 2023

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  1. WordCamp Kerala 2023
    Is work not satisfying
    A few proven ideas to think
    Prince Kumar

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  2. Have got any of these thoughts?
    Or maybe something similar
    • I feel like I'm not making a difference.

    • I don't feel challenged anymore.

    • I don't enjoy working with my colleagues.

    • I'm not being recognised for my contributions.

    • I'm not being compensated fairly.

    • I don't feel like I have a good work-life balance.

    • I don't feel like I'm growing or developing in my role.

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  3. Humans (We) are highly
    Often it works great but sometimes …

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  4. We get bored

    very fast
    We are novelty seeking animal

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  5. When do we feel

    When reality is not better than our expectations

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  6. Are you looking for meaning
    of life in your work?
    Don’t feel shy, almost all of us do at some level

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  7. You can find meaning in almost anything
    Just look around
    • Family / Relationship / Raising a kid

    • Volunteering

    • Hobbies

    • Personal growth (trying ChatGPT or Midjourney)

    • Community involvement (e.g WordCamps)

    • Exercise and health

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  8. Its less about what you do, it more about how you see it.
    Is truly “work” the problem?

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  9. Try looking objectively
    Peeling off the layers of subjectivity - “Feeling overwhelmed”
    • have too much work to do

    • I keeps getting more tasks

    • feel like I'm not doing a good job

    • I can't say no to my manager

    • I don't have clear boundaries and expectations in my role

    • I'm not comfortable communicating my needs & limits

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  10. Your mind vs. your work
    Is better to have the difference clear.

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  11. “Do what you love”
    “Appreciate what you do”

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  12. Live life with zero

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  13. Turn your expectations
    into predictions.

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  14. Have any questions?

    Send them at onemoreprince
    Thank You

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