DevOops 2019 - Under the hood of serverless Jenkins. Jenkinsfile Runner

DevOops 2019 - Under the hood of serverless Jenkins. Jenkinsfile Runner

There were significant changes in the Jenkins project over last year. It is still one of the most popular automation servers in the world, but it is not just a "server" anymore. In 2019 Jenkins is a universal automation engine, which actively evolves towards the new Cloud Native architecture and which can be used in any CI/CD flows. It can be used not only as a server, but also as a FaaS. And it is not only about Jenkins X in Kubernetes, but also about more classic usages.

In this talk Oleg will present Jenkinsfile Runner — an engine which allows running Jenkins Pipelines in a single-shot container in any environment. Running Jenkins pipelines in Travis? Easy. In FaaS like AWS Lambda? We can do it as well. Speaker will show examples for these services few other use-cases (Jenkins X, CodeShip, Tekton). And, finally, he will show how to package your own Jenkinsfile Runner images with several plug-ins and preconfiguration.


Oleg Nenashev

October 30, 2019