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GrimoireLab as Code. Ready-to-fly GitHub analytics

GrimoireLab as Code. Ready-to-fly GitHub analytics

Many community analytics tools can help you to maintain and grow your open-source communities. GrimoireLab, a part of the CHAOSS foundation, is among the most powerful and popular. It is difficult to install and configure… so we made it easier with a containerized version, fully managed as code.


* Original project at WireMock: https://github.com/wiremock/wiremock-community-analytics
* My repo: https://github.com/oleg-nenashev/grimoirelab-as-code
* CHAOSS Site and Slack, #grimoirelab: https://chaoss.community/

Oleg Nenashev

February 01, 2024

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  1. 2 > whoami @oleg_nenashev oleg-nenashev Dr. Nenashev / Mr. Jenkins

    Developer tools hacker Community builder FOSS/DevRel consultant #RussiansAgainstPutin #StandWithUkraine
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  3. 12 Prior work • Docker Compose sample for GrimoireLab: •

  4. 14 GrimoireLab as Code • Started the project in WireMock

    • Portable project: github.com/oleg-nenashev/grimoirelab-as-code • Just add the GitHub API token! • Configured analytics: o git o github, github:repo, github:issues, github:pulls o github2:issues, github2:pulls o githubql
  5. 17

  6. 18

  7. 21 GrimoireLab as Code - My Wishlist • Helm Chart

    for deployments • Support for the GitHub application tokens • Non-GitHub analytics OOTB • Configurable menu.yaml file • Configurable styles • Embedded NLP sentiment server to the setup to do comments / impressions
  8. 24 References • Original project at WireMock: github.com/wiremock/wiremock-community-analytics • My

    repo: github.com/oleg-nenashev/grimoirelab-as-code • CHAOSS Site and Slack, #grimoirelab: chaoss.community