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StackGres Running on EKS

StackGres Running on EKS

StackGres (https://stackgres.io) is an open source project to run Postgres on Kubernetes. This session will cover the most relevant features of StackGres and live demo how to run Postgres on EKS, Managed Prometheus and Grafana services, and using S3 for backups.

StackGres has innovated in many areas to adapt Postgres to Cloud Native, like distributed log servers, using Envoy to proxy Postgres traffic and terminate SSL; or the ability to dynamically load Postgres extensions into the containers.

Business Problem/Use case :
AWS users that want to run their Postgres database alongside their applications in Kubernetes; and/or need Postgres extensions that may not be available in RDS/Aurora, may benefit from using StackGres on EKS.
(note: this paragraph summarizes the use case, but can as well be used as the last part of the session abstract)

StackGres installation on EKS. Creating Postgres clusters. Dynamically loading Postgres extension into the containers. Show the integrated dashboards in Prometheus and Grafana (as provided by AWS Managed Services).


June 16, 2021

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  1. Running Postgres on EKS @ahachete ` whoami ` Álvaro Hernández

    <[email protected]> aht.es • Founder & CEO, OnGres • 20+ years Postgres user and DBA • Mostly doing R&D to create new, innovative software on Postgres • Frequent speaker at Postgres, database conferences • Principal Architect of StackGres, ToroDB • Founder and President of the NPO Fundación PostgreSQL • AWS Data Hero
  2. Running Postgres on EKS @ahachete What is StackGres • Enterprise

    Postgres made easy. On Kubernetes. • StackGres is a fully-featured platform for running Postgres on Kubernetes. • Deploy in minutes an Enterprise-Grade Postgres-as-a-Service in your infrastructure. • 100% Open Source.
  3. Running Postgres on EKS @ahachete When to use StackGres •

    You want all your stack in Kubernetes (EKS) ◦ All your workloads are containerized. ◦ Extend the benefits of containers to the database. ◦ You want a K8s-like UX to manage your database. • You need Postgres extensions unavailable in RDS ◦ Postgres killer feature are extensions. ◦ RDS/Aurora offers a high number of extensions compared with other managed services, but small subset compared with open source. ◦ StackGres provides hundreds of extensions.
  4. Running Postgres on EKS @ahachete Some StackGres innovations • Integration

    with AMP • Cloud-Nativization of Postgres DBA Operations • Postgres extensions
  5. Running Postgres on EKS @ahachete Monitoring integration: AMP and Grafana

    StackGres integrates easily with AMP. It includes: • Postgres exporter • PgBouncer exporter (using Postgres exporter + dblink) • Customized Grafana dashboards • Customizing exporter queries • Providing pre-configured AlertManager alerts • Embed Grafana dashboards into the Web Console!
  6. Running Postgres on EKS @ahachete Postgres extensions • Postgres Extensions

    are Postgres’ killer feature. • RDS/Aurora support (with reason!) a limited number of extensions. • StackGres extensions are loaded dynamically into the container images. They may be added/updated anytime. • StackGres supports hundreds of extensions. • It will even support BYOE (bring-your-own extensions).
  7. Running Postgres on EKS @ahachete Recap • If you want

    all your workloads in Kubernetes (EKS), use StackGres for your Postgres database. • If you require Postgres extensions unavailable in RDS/Aurora, leverage StackGres. • StackGres allows you to export metrics either to Prometheus running on EKS or to AMP. • It provides custom Postgres-specialized metrics and integration with the Web Console. • StackGres also automates via YAML/Web Console usual DBA “Day 2” Operations, like benchmarks, vacuum, repack and upgrades.
  8. Running Postgres on EKS @ahachete Thank you Join our Community

    in Slack and/or Discord to stay up to date! slack.stackgres.io discord.stackgres.io