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Blockchain based International Trade Documentation

Blockchain based International Trade Documentation

Slides presented at the ONTOCHAIN Summit for Trustworthy Internet by Paul Massey, Founder and CEO at tabled.io


June 01, 2022

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  1. 2 Tabled’s Vision Mission Unlock the physical and digital silos

    between teams and organisations. Make workflows and data, including Web3 Assets and Credentials, easy to manage within and between organisations in a compliant manner.
  2. Triage, Workflow, Automation, Reporting. Share cases, documents and data across

    organisational workspaces securely. Connected Repositories and Records. Tabled No-Code Workflow and Connected Case Management 3
  3. Tabled Networked Record and Data Management 4 Multiple Workspaces Connect

    for distributed data and document management. Beginning to implement blockchain POCs. Application to International Shipping Networks
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  8. Legal Documentation remains manual. Bill of Lading required to show

    Ownership. 50 million BL per annum, only 1% are eBL. Various other documents required for Customs Import/Export and Liability (eg Letter of Indemnity). 10
  9. 11 Increasing industry drive to standardise Electronic Bills of Lading

    (eBL). - FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders) - DCSA (Digital Container Shipping Associated) - New Legislation to make Electronic Bills of Lading Legally Binding Standardised DCSA eBL Data Fields HS Code - Harmonised System Commodity Code
  10. 12

  11. 13 Exporter / Consignor Importer / Consignee Freight Forwarder Shipping

    Company Customs Authorities Bank / Finance / Insurance Network for Shipping Data / eBL on Blockchain modeOfTransport: VESSEL vesselName: 'King of the Seas' vesselIMONumber: 9321483 serviceName: 'Great Lion Service' HSCode: ‘80801010’ importVoyageNumber: '111' exortVoyageNumber: '222' departureLocation: FRPAR departureDateTime: '2022-04-01T14:12:56+01:00' arrivalLocation: DEHAM arrivalDateTime: '2022-03-29T14:12:56+01:00' DCSA Standard eBL
  12. 14 Bene fi ts of eBLs: 50% adoption of eBL

    would save $4bn annually compared to paper Bills of Lading. Bene fi ts of eBLs on Distributed Ledgers: • Maintain integrity of Documentation • Avoid single point of failure • Data serves multiple purposes including customs Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSP) estimates
  13. Founding Team with expertise to execute on vision Founder, CEO

    ex General Counsel Paul Massey 15 Jesus Vera Diaz Lead Engineer In Discussion with: DCSA FIATA Shipping Companies Expert Legal Advisors