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Demystifying software dev challenges

Demystifying software dev challenges


Ademola Adegbuyi

September 14, 2019


  1. Demystifying Software Development Challenges Ademola Adegbuyi Frontend Engineer, Paystack

  2. None
  3. Quick run-through on my background and how I got to

    my present state
  4. Things I wish they told me or I knew when

    I started
  5. I wish they told me to charge for my services

  6. I wish I listened

  7. I wish I pushed myself out there

  8. If you’re like me don’t beat yourself up

  9. Don’t be scared to try out something even if you

    think you’ll fail
  10. Take action, regrets. Don’t take action, regrets.

  11. Which is better?

  12. Take actions and use it as a learning opportunity

  13. Getting tech jobs How to go about it?

  14. Put yourself out there

  15. Create the best thing you can imagine and use the

    social media
  16. Interviews are not scary!

  17. Believe in yourself!

  18. Peace :) Twitter: @_ooade