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Co-Teaching 2022: We Are Not Going Back to Normal

Spiro Bolos
October 17, 2022

Co-Teaching 2022: We Are Not Going Back to Normal

Slides for the Fall Co-Teaching Workshop at New Trier High School on October 21, 2022.

Spiro Bolos

October 17, 2022

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  1. Co-Teaching 2022: We Are NOT Going Back to “Normal” Julie

    Bar, Spiro Bolos, Ron Simon, & Anne Twadell
  2. “The most common reasons teachers across the board gave for

    avoiding co-teaching were a lack of time to plan and prepare for lessons and lack of support from administrators; about 1 in 4 teachers said these challenges would turn them off collaborative teaching.”
  3. “If you have co-taught a class in which a general

    education teacher and a special education teacher served as co-teachers, which of the following best describes the approach that WAS ACTUALLY USED to assign roles to the general education teacher and special education teacher?”