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Balakalakaar 2011 | Concept Note

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October 17, 2011

Balakalakaar 2011 | Concept Note



October 17, 2011


  1. Balakalakaar : Concept Note www.aiesecmumbai.org

  2. Balakalakaar is an annual initiative taken up by the local

    office of AIESEC in Mumbai. It is organized with the aim of creating an opportunity for the under privileged children of the city to discover and develop their potential in creative exercises such as Art, Dance, Drama, Music, and Craft. This is done primarily through workshops and training provided by esteemed professionals in the above fields along with AIESECers, youth volunteers and inter nationals from the Global Community Development Program. What is Balakalakaar? www.aiesecmumbai.org
  3. We at AIESEC Mumbai believe that every person is born

    with some hidden talent. At Balakalakaar 2011, we hope to bring out that creative artist and the soulful dancer in every underprivileged child and provide a platform for them to showcase their talents through our workshops, events and competitions. Balakalakaar is also aimed at connecting today’s youth to the less privileged children of the city thus giving them a chance to make a difference! Through this project we take one step forward towards our vision of ‘Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential’.     Why Balakalakaar? www.aiesecmumbai.org
  4. Balakalakaar 2009 Creating Creators Fact File Date 14th June, 2009

    Venue St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai Pre-Events 5 Main-Event 1 Number Of Children Impacted 1300+ Sponsors Colors – Viacom 18 & SBI Media Coverage •  News Coverage : Zee News •  Live Radio Coverage : Fever 104 FM •  Press Coverage : DNA – 1 Article, Hindustan Times- 2 Articles, Yuva – 2 Print Ads + 1 Article •  Digital Media Coverage: 18 Screens X 144 (10 Secs) Slots per day. Railway Stations, Café Coffee Days, McDonalds. www.aiesecmumbai.org AIESEC organizes various events with respect to social issues we see around us. Balakalakaar is one the most impact-full Developmental Projects hosted by AIESEC all over India. In the year 2009 AIESEC Mumbai hosted it to impact around 3,000 kids and we did so successfully by having a couple of Pre events with NGO's all over Mumbai and then the main event.
  5. Balakalakaar 2010 The Artist In Every Child www.aiesecmumbai.org Fact File

    Date 21st December, 2011 Venue K. J Somaya College Of Pre-Events 4 Main-Event 1 Number Of Children Impacted 5000+ Sponsors •  Videocon •  TATA Motors •  Bharat Petroleum •  CEAT •  VU Media Partners •  Big Cinemas •  Radio One •  DSN •  Mingle Box •  Mumbai Mirror Online •  ELLE In 2010 we decided to make it bigger than ever and we impacted more than 8,000 underprivileged kids in NGO's all over the city. The motive behind this event is to bring out the inner artist in each kid. We give the a platform to showcase their talent. Not only do we encourage talented kids but we also conducted workshops for those who never got a chance to learn
  6. www.aiesecmumbai.org Balakalakaar 2011 The Artist In Every Child •  The

    Build Up •  Event Flow & Agenda •  Target Impact •  Why Partner?
  7. Balakalakaar 2011 The Build Up www.aiesecmumbai.org At the Balakalakaar 2011

    Finals, we hope to give each of the 40 finalists a platform to showcase their talents in the field of Art, Dance and Drama on the big stage followed by an elaborate felicitation ceremony. Through the exciting scholarships we hope to make a long lasting positive impact in each child’s life. Balakalakaar is aimed at developing linkages between today’s youth and the less privileged children of the city and provide them with a chance to volunteer and make a difference! •  Workshop Preparation : AIESEC Mumbai & its partners approach the Education Department of Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika to secure permission for holding the workshops at the BMC Schools as well as NGO’s to encourage the participation of its children in the event. Extensively orchestrated media promotions through AIESEC Mumbai’s Media Partners. •  Talent Discovery Workshops : Basic workshops in the areas of art, dance and drama encouraging the participation of maximum children from 15 BMC schools and AIESEC’s partner NGO’S for the event. Each workshop will be planned in such a way that its both easy to learn as well as to implement for the children. The top 40-50 Students will have the opportunity to be present their talent at the Balakalakaar main event. •  The Main Event : Grand Finale where AIESEC Mumbai & its partners announce the impact of the workshops through a detailed Impact report. Opportunity for child finalists to display their talent on the big stage . Most talented children to be felicitated with prizes and scholarships by an esteemed panel of judges and celebrities. Event will be attended by Media, Principals of all participating schools, AIESEC Mumbai’s Ngo partners, Sponsors of the event, youth volunteers, Local Board of Advisors, and all other stakeholders.
  8. Balakalakaar 2011 Event Flow www.aiesecmumbai.org Balakalakaar Finals Semi Finals Week

    3 - Art Workshop Impact Weekend 2 - NGO Workshops / Visits Week 2 – Theatre / Music Workshop Impact Weekend 1 – NGO Workshops / Visits Week 1 - Dance Workshop Auditorium  Event   Opening  Address   Key  Note  Address   Impact  Report/  Video   Dance  Performance  by  Finalists   Drama  Performance  by  Finalists   Aart  ExhibiAon   FelicitaAon  Ceremony   Closing  Comments   Global  Village   15  InternaAonal  Stalls   30  InternaAonals   500  Students   Display  of  internaAonal   culture   What is Global Village? Global village is A cultural extravaganza of youth leaders from across 50 countries and regions, under one roof celebrating Global Citizenship by representing their culture, traditions, cuisines and lifestyles. Our interns set up stalls where they showcase the culture of our country, key speakers attend global village and panel discussions are held where students from colleges all over Mumbai and internationals are addressed. Final Day Agenda
  9. Balakalakaar 2011 Target Impact www.aiesecmumbai.org Target  Audience  –  Youth  

      Target  Group  -­‐  Underprivileged  Children   Total  Number  of  BMC  Schools  To  be  Targeted     15-­‐20   Total  Number  of  Children  to  be  Impacted   3000  +     Minimum  Number  of  Youth  Volunteers   400  +   Minimum  Number  of  Colleges  SupporAng  the  Event   10   Total  Number  Of  Partnering  NGO’s   10   Means  of  Impact     •  AIESEC  Mumbai’s  Impact  Weekends  with  NGO’s   •  Talent  Development  Workshops  with  Partnering  NGO’s   •  Multidimensional  College  Partnerships  to  Engage  Volunteers   •  Effective  Social  Media  Campaigns  to  Spread  Awareness   •  Balakalakaar  Final  Event     Time  Period   4th  November  -­‐  10th  December  
  10. Balakalakaar 2011 Why Partner? www.aiesecmumbai.org AIESEC Mumbai’s Balakalakaar is a

    unique platform for partnering companies and organizations to support the most important segment of today’s society – Children. The support of your organization will provide an opportunity for over 2000 underprivileged children, to discover their hidden talents and develop them with the help of exciting scholarships. The Corporate Social Responsibility support extended by your company would be highlighted through extensive media coverage both prior, on the main day of and post the event Additionally, it lends sponsoring companies an invaluable direct leverage to over 500 youth volunteers & AIESECers Youth Networking: Through the Youth delegates chosen to attend the event, members, trainees and alumni of AIESEC Mumbai and through social media channels before and after the event. Media Leverage: From pre and post event promotional activities. Survey/Research Channels: By event attendees as well as attendees of various pre events Direct Company Involvement: By way of volunteering opportunities , key notes as well as other branding opportunities provided through various avenues of partnership Branding and Visibility: Through the various deliverables AIESEC Mumbai is willing to provide and extensively orchestrated media coverage Youth   Networking   Media   Leverage   Survey/   Research  Channels   Direct  Company   Involvement   Branding  &   Visibility   ✓ ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓  
  11. Balakalakaar 2011 Knowledge Partner www.aiesecmumbai.org Samabhavana Society is a forum

    of individuals with similar opinions and disposition, working towards a single goal - Dignity In Life! Samabhavana Society’s vision is to become knowledge and human rights, non-profit community based organization with core competence on Sexuality and its psychosocial impact on human life. §   Balakalakaar  Event  Planning  and  Network   §   Partnership  on  long  term  project  ‘SMILE’  to  be  jointly   implemented  in  150  schools  across  Mumbai  &  Navi   Mumbai  during  and  a[er  Balakalakaar   §   Theme:  Child  Protec-on  -­‐  Good  touch  vs.  Bad  touch  
  12. Balakalakaar 2011 Technical Partners www.aiesecmumbai.org Area  Of  ExperAse:    

      •  Technical  ExperAse   •  Planning  of  Agenda  for  Workshop   •  FacilitaAon  of  Workshops   •  Judges  
  13. Balakalakaar 2011 Contact Page Local office: C/o Satellite Media Group,

    106, Stanford Plaza, Plot B/65, Off New Link Road,Andheri(W), Mumbai-400053. Web: www.aiesecmumbai.org Seerat Batth Organizing Committee Chair Vice-President Development Sector +91-9594-495-767 seerat.batth@gmail.com Nikita Singh President +91-9820-886-530 nikita.174singh@gmail.com Siddharth Anantharam Vice President Business Development +91-9920-709-799 siddharth.anantharam@aiesec.net Ishaan Jaiswal Vice President Media Relations +91-9821-573-700 Ishaan.jaiswal@aiesec.net
  14. AIESEC Mumbai’s Local Board Of Advisors www.aiesecmumbai.org