Radio Partnership Proposal

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October 30, 2011

Radio Partnership Proposal



October 30, 2011


  1. Balakalakaar The artist in every child

  2. Objectives - Recognize and reward extraordinary talent among under-privileged children

    - Create a long lasting Impact on the children. - Create Awareness about the event - Impact as many children as possible - It is organized with the aim of creating an opportunity for the under privileged children of the city to discover and develop their hidden talents in the creative areas of Art, Dance, Drama & Music.
  3. Baalkalakaar in a Nutshell Dates : 14th November to 10th

    December Target Audience : BMC Schools.....................– 48 Children.............................– 2000+ Youth (College)................– 350+ International Trainees......– 50+ NGO’s................................– 10 Main Event : Baalkalakaar and Global Village, 10th December
  4. Flow of the Event Baalkalakaar Finals Semi Finals Week 3

    Art, Dance, Craft Workshop 3 / Quarter Finals Impact Weekend 2 Week 2 Art, Dance, Craft Workshop 2 Impact Weekend 1 Week 1 Art, Dance, Craft Workshop 1
  5. Deliverables (to the Company)  The company will be branded

    as AIESEC Mumbai’s “Radio Partner” for the event.  Access Databases of AIESEC Mumbai and AIESEC Navi Mumbai members and volunteers : Over 5000 Student database.  Regular updates can be provided to the database via Social Media (Facebook /Twitter) : Cross Branding on Different Channels  Mass Mailers to our entire student database: 5000+  Write up on – which holds a database of 50,000 students, 4,000 organizations and 8,00,000 alumni all across the world.
  6. Deliverables (to the company)  Full page Ad in AIESEC

    Mumbai’s Annual Impact Report that goes out to our network of stakeholders including corporate partners, NGO partners, Board of Advisors, Students, and Parents.  Write up in the AIESEC Mumbai Newsletter that goes out to a database of Students, Corporates, NGO’s and Alumni.  The company will be branded as “Radio Partner” in Ads which will be screened in 800 DSN screens around Mumbai.  Logo on all creatives i.e. Standees, banners, posters, flyers, etc. Workshop venues as well as the main event.  Company Standees at the venue of the main event
  7. Deliverables (to AIESEC Mumbai)  Radio Coverage:  Inventory: 

    Period: 22 days (7 days prior, 14 days during, 1 day Post event)  Frequency...........: 7 spots/day  No. of spots..........: 154 spots  Duration...............: 30 seconds  Total seconds......: 4620 seconds.  Mentions: Period: 10 days (prior to 1st workshop and 5 days prior to main event)  No. of contests: 2/day An Hour long feature show on the Radio channel with event head, partnering NGO’s children etc.
  8. Deliverables (to AIESEC Mumbai)  Radio Partner would also tag

    AIESEC Mumbai on the promo tags.  Radio Partner would also tag AIESEC Mumbai’s Title Sponsor for the specific event (varying accordingly) on promo tags.  Event Coverage with RJ as Compére for the main event.  Social Media Updates from official Company Accounts (Facebook/twitter)
  9. AIESEC Mumbai Board of Advisors

  10. AIESEC India Board of Advisors

  11. Baalkalakaar The artist in every child Thank You