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Docker & PHP Talk - Otieno Julie

Docker & PHP Talk - Otieno Julie

#PHPUserGroupKenya Presentation on Docker and PHP



July 31, 2016


  1. None
  2. ABOUT ME? I currently develop full-time for Arifu, freelance occasionally

    at Arcturus & write idiotic articles for my blog otienojulie.com “Otieno Julie”
  3. WHAT IS DOCKER? “Docker provides an open platform of software

    containers making building, shipping and running our business applications an easy task” – Otieno Julie
  4. WHAT IS DOCKER? Packaging your entire app Tech-Stack in a

    “Sandbox” that contains everything it needs to run or execute in any environment.
  5. CONTAINER VS VM? VM - Isolation by abstraction of physical

    hardware. Container - Isolation by abstraction of user space.
  6. CORE CONCEPTS? Docker images, Docker registries & Docker containers


  8. DEMO?

  9. RESOURCES FOR U? Docker Installation TLDR guide here Check out

    all the commands used in the demo here Articles on DevOps, Cloud Hosting & Deployment, CD/CI & programming can be found here Look into Docker Compose & Docker Swarm
  10. CREDITS!! @Docker @Eboraas @Ihub Meetup.com/phpkenya

  11. THANK U!! Twitter: @otienojulie1 Email: otienojulie@gmail.com LinkedIn: https://ke.linkedin.com/in/otienojulie Blog: www.otienojulie.com

    We've seen a lot of Docker, but there's a lot more to it.