Designing and Building the Oden Programming Language

Designing and Building the Oden Programming Language

This first part of this talk will introduce Oden, an experimental, statically typed, functional programming language being built for the Go ecosystem. We will look at how Oden aims to leverage the great features of Go — static linking, cross-compilation, goroutines, channels and the great set of libraries and tools — and enable higher-level abstractions, generics and a safer yet more flexible type system.

The second part will delve more deeply into the implementation of the Oden compiler. Why was it first written in Racket and then rewritten in Haskell? What pros and cons are there in writing compilers in Haskell? We will look at how the type system can help us build safe and robust intermediate representations and transformations between them.


Oskar Wickström

April 13, 2016