Security Culture: Here be Hackers

Security Culture: Here be Hackers

RFC1983 clarifies hacker term as "a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular". Let's say we want our developers and other IT stuff be security hackers. So they can look at their duties from a security perspective: develop more secure applications, seek for security flaws in it and be inside the security culture in general. We will talk about construction of bridges from security team to other IT stuff (mostly developers): knowledge spreading and communication. How not to make from scratch yet another developer's guide? How to make all developers know about presence (yes, presence) of security team from the first work days? How to interest them in application security? How to increase this knowledge? Let's ask on these questions!

OWASP Global AppSec Tel Aviv 2019



May 29, 2019