[RailsClub Moscow 2017] Faster Tests

52cc8a838bf44a589d2572833b2dd1b9?s=47 Vlad Dem
September 23, 2017

[RailsClub Moscow 2017] Faster Tests

Video [RU]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S7oHjEiVzs

The test suite’s run time increases as our application evolves. We don’t care until we found ourselves wasting too much time waiting for the green light.

I want to share some tips & tricks on how to profile your test suite, detect bottlenecks and, of course, how to fix them.


- TestProf Github https://github.com/palkan/test-prof

- TestProf: a good doctor for slow Ruby tests https://evilmartians.com/chronicles/testprof-a-good-doctor-for-slow-ruby-tests

- TestProf Map https://goo.gl/S2TV1Q

- Tips to improve speed of your test suite https://medium.com/appaloosa-store-engineering/tips-to-improve-speed-of-your-test-suite-8418b485205c

- Speed Up Your Rails Test Suite By 6% In 1 Line https://jtway.co/speed-up-your-rails-test-suite-by-6-in-1-line-13fedb869ec4

- Improving spec speed in a huge, old Rails app https://goiabada.blog/improving-spec-speed-in-a-huge-old-rails-app-8f3ab05a33f9

- Sidekiq Shame PR https://github.com/mperham/sidekiq/issues/3495

- Cult Of Martians http://cultofmartians.com


Vlad Dem

September 23, 2017