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PWLSF#10 => Peter Bailis on Managing Update Conflicts in Bayou

by Papers_We_Love

Published December 17, 2014 in Research

Peter Bailis presents the "Managing Update Conflicts in Bayou, A Weakly Connected Replicated Storage System" paper by Doug Terry, Marvin Theimer, Karin Petersen, Alan J. Demers, Mike J. Spreitzer, and Carl H. Hauser in SOSP 1995. http://db.cs.berkeley.edu/cs286/papers/bayou-sosp1995.pdf

Peter tells us: "A perennial challenge in managing shared, mutable state in distributed systems is the ability to permit concurrent writes while maintaining some degree of application "correctness." Bayou is an excellent and early example of an "optimistic" strategy for handling the concurrent update problem. Many of the techniques in Bayou---such as dependency tracking, application-specific merge procedures, and log shipping---are increasingly popular, can be found in systems like Dynamo, and help understand when and why mechanisms like CRDTs are useful."

Peter's Bio:
Peter (@pbailis) is a Ph.D. candidate at UC Berkeley, where he studies data management and distributed systems. Peter likes fast databases but likes fast and correct databases even more. You can find more information at: http://bailis.org/

The video of this talk is up!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg7zvyWm_NE&feature=youtu.be