Co-Founder / CEO @ SolGuruz, Community Organiser, Startup Consultant, Mobile Development Consultant

🧭 Exploring the horizon of the software industry for 15+ years

Pro-tip: By working with me at SolGuruz, you can get a combo of technology + management. We believe in the following:
1) "Once we commit, we deliver it no matter what happens"
2) "Either we do quality engineering or we don't do it at all"
3) "We don't want to waste your nor ours time"

SolGuruz is a web, and mobile app development company, we help startups and companies to build web and mobile app products. In this new beginning, we want to work with like-minded partners and clients to build impactful solutions, humble team culture, and an inspirational company.

More about me:
📱Have developed 50+ applications, some of those are managing a million downloads with great ratings
✔️ Extensive experience in leading a technical team as well as managing the product/project, with suggesting features and functionalities, that adds a lot of value to the product and thereby helped the client in winning against competitors.
💁🏻 Helped hundreds of developers solve their queries and problems by answering and posting comments
🏆 Holding 120,000 reputation points over StackOverflow, one of the topmost reputation holders in the Android tag.
📅 Organiser/Founder of Google Developers Group, Ahmedabad since 2012
🎫 Have organized 100+ events with the reach of 100,000+ developers I believe, never counted!,
🎫 Have attended I guess 100-150 events across the world
✍🏼 Have published >150 articles on the mobile development and software development best practices

🎥 Some of the videos featuring my work
If you want to further explore what we can do together, let's connect.


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