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Community Management 101

Community Management 101

Youtube recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIbTcZYb63Y

Original Presentation copy: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Q9fVIpMhSn1Kf2Jj62zilZe5Ht4ONvmJ1IOzneQtwrc/edit?usp=sharing

This event is exclusively for the Community leads/organizers or if you want to be an organizer or going to be in the near future!

Happy Birthday Paresh, our own and Founder/Organizer of this GDG Ahmedabad community.

He used to do donation/charity work for the social communities around but he always wanted to make some contribution to the developers and community organizers community by delivering a talk or by organizing an event on his birthday but tomorrow is the day for the same.

Tomorrow during his session, he will be sharing his 10 years of community management experience on the following topics:

- Why you are an organizer?
- What roles do you play as an organizer?
- Benefits (Direct/Indirect) of being an organizer
- [Important] How to manage and scale community
- [Important] How to make impacts and add values through community

Paresh Mayani

April 13, 2020

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  1. Agenda - Why you are an Organizer - Benefits of

    being an Organizer - How to Manage/Scale Community - Challenges of an Organising Team
  2. Connecting the dots... - Students - Engineers/Managers - Companies -

    HR Recruiters - Marketers Credit: https://i.dlpng.com/static/png/1384552_preview_preview.png
  3. Learning - Communication Skills - Technical Skill - Team Management

    - People Management - Time Management - Places/culture
  4. 1. Motivation (The 1st Step) 2. Execution (The First Challenge)

    3. Continuation (What Next?) 4. Evaluation 5. Appreciation 6. Innovation 7. Connection
  5. 1. Motivation (The 1st Step) - One Idea - To

    help people - As in early days we were learning online through blogs/tutorial/PDFs and helping each other, so why not help in a group - Story how it all started - From FB / StackOverflow chat to Coffee meetup, First Android event - And then GTUG and then GDG
  6. 2. Execution (The First Challenge) First Event • What content

    we should deliver? • Who will deliver? • To whom we will deliver(who will be the participants)? • Where to deliver? • How to deliver? The answers that we were looking for • Will people attend? • Will people enjoy? • Will people interact?
  7. Listen to them Obtain Feedback Gather events topics/ideas Provide support

    Collect speaker proposals Collect venue proposals Stay Connected and help them in Staying Connected
  8. Listen to them - Listen to your community members -

    Their expectation - Be a community Hero - Being only professional won’t last long to be a community hero, listening to the audience and providing valuable information to them will be the right motive to enhance the relationship to n number of times.
  9. Collect Feedback - Manage Community through community and feedback plays

    major role about the getting overall picture about the session/talk/webinar - Feedback gives insight about the improvement required silently
  10. Gather Ideas - Community has thousands of minds which definitely

    have tons of ideas to implement - Collecting ideas from different people will give an opportunity to think on some of best outcome if implemented For example, someone has asked to see the event remotely as the person can’t come to attend local event but eager to learn. From this, community can think either making the event live cast or to record it and upload to YouTube channel
  11. - Always be in touch with community members - Engage

    them in different ways on different social medias - Share the content - Reach out to those who are looking for knowledge, target them - Encourage members to give talk and participate in activities - Mentor/Guide them - Make them Local Heroes/influencers Keep the community WARM
  12. Stay connected & Help them staying connected - Community is

    not just about events/hackathons/meetups/talks - Having a WhatsApp group, slack group allows them staying connected with fellow community members - Allow them sharing their achievements/accomplishments - Allow companies sharing their jobs/openings/products
  13. Diversity & Inclusion • Understand Hurdles for #WomenInTech • Provide

    them a platform • Host exclusive events for #WomenTechmakers • Have a separate communication channel for them • Inspire them to join hands • Reach out to underrepresented groups/companies
  14. Evaluation • Understand your own community • Do research what

    kind of skills you have in your community and what kind kind of skills they want to learn or share • Which time and format is best fit? • Look for collaboration for Logistics and venue • Companies • Colleges • Co-working space • Participants Feedback • Online, offline, in person, • Review from forums or social media post
  15. Innovation Try different format • Session, workshop, study jam or

    just video viewing party Try different topics • Tech / non tech • Beginner/ intermediate/ expert
  16. Innovation Try differently skilled people • First time speaker •

    Regular speaker • Pro / Experience speaker Try different venue • Office, open park, cafe, town hall
  17. Connection Strong bonding with the Team itself first Be accessible

    to the community people Maintain the relation with the speakers which were not been able to speak or deliver the content Reach out to the companies to get more insights about the community needs Collaborate with other community in your region Do not forget your past sponsors and supporters.
  18. Speakers Management - Speakers are the Kings of your event

    - Speakers are putting average 5-6 days efforts for preparing an hour talk - Give them a shout out over social media and make them Kings - Have a group of speakers, keep them updated - Help them building portfolio: Record their sessions, share their contents and help them in reaching out to wider audience
  19. Gettings EXTERNAL speakers - All the speakers don’t have the

    luxury of company sponsorship - All the speakers can’t afford travel/cost and why would they do on their pocket money? - Help them by collecting nominal fees - Help them by travel sponsorship
  20. Collaborate with domestic and global communities - Help fellow organisers

    for finding speakers - Get speakers from other communities - Help them organising events (by promoting, by organising, by being a mentor/guide)
  21. Eye on other communities - Being in this fastest growing

    world, it is very tough to learn everyday - Community is nowhere a competition but learning and taking good from others will make your community stronger
  22. Venue partners - Many companies have 5 days a week

    and so their venue is available for the weekend - Add them as a venue partner over meetup page/website - Give them due credits/branding opportunity - [Important] Help them in promoting their services/products - [Important] Help them in getting talents
  23. Getting Sponsors - Don’t do fake promises - Clearly define

    what you need (Amount/Momento sponsor/Video/Photo sponsorship) - And what values you would add them/Rewards you would return to them - Understand their expectations/need
  24. Getting Sponsors - Highlight them/Give them 5 mins slot/Allow them

    connecting with the community - Invite them to future events as well (Free slots)
  25. Summary - Stay passionate and motivate community members to come

    forward - Have “The Team” - Help yourself and Help others for learning/sharing/growing together - Do collaboration - Motivate Community members, mentor/guide them - Help sponsors/partners and get them onboard
  26. Credits for this talk - Banner, Artworks and Slide template

    by @trivedivatsal_ - Contents and Brainstorming together by “The Team” GDG Ahmedabad - Social media reach by “The Blue Commandos” team of GDG Ahmedabad - Artwork source https://www.freepik.com/