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Building & Scaling up a Tech Team

Building & Scaling up a Tech Team

Talk delivered at eChai Developers Summit on 22nd April, 2022. I talked about the challenges tackled and practices we followed while building and scaling up a tech team.

Paresh Mayani

April 22, 2022

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  1. Building & Scaling up a Tech Team
    Paresh Mayani, Co-Founder & CEO @ SolGuruz

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  2. Challenges

    Hiring Puzzles
    Communication Challenges
    Team Management
    Brand, Cultures & Values
    Code Quality & Architecture
    Repetitive tasks and Automation

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  3. Hiring Puzzles

    Don't put all the eggs in 1 basket
    For 1 position, Hire 2
    Don't let the monopoly build
    Keep the hiring always open

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  4. Hiring Challenges

    Career page should be distilled
    Should represent your processes
    and culture

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  5. Hiring Challenges

    Most Important
    Think and hire from candidates'
    point of view
    How you are unique and

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  6. Communication Challenges

    Daily Scrum Calls
    Evening Status update
    Weekly report

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  7. Communication Challenges

    Department Meetings
    Review department progress
    Department Goals and
    Define department processes
    & practices

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  8. Team Management

    Generate Leaders within the
    Build Tasks Ownership
    Promote the talented individuals
    1-on-1 Mentorship / Buddy
    Define onboarding process
    Rewards, Perks and
    Career Growth
    KPI / OKR

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  9. Branding, Culture & Values

    Build the brand
    Enforce values, mission and
    vision from top to bottom
    Friendly atmosphere and Flexible
    Build consensus before rolling
    out any processes

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  10. Micromanagement

    Don't do micro management
    It's a slow poison
    Let the team members fails, retry
    and learn from the failures

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  11. Code Quality & Architecture

    Department bible
    Define processes & practices
    Peer to Peer code review
    Implement Static Code Analysis
    Have team members exploring
    the new tech and practices

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  12. Repetitive Tasks &

    Automate as many as mundane
    tasks possible
    Implemented CI/CD (aka build
    Implement Automated code
    review (Static Code Analysis)

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  13. Let's Stay in Touch

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