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Error handling on Android - 1st Android Athens Meetup

Error handling on Android - 1st Android Athens Meetup

Pavlos-Petros Tournaris

September 22, 2016

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  1. Error Handling on Android Vasilis Charalampakis Android Software Engineer @

    Workable [email protected] Pavlos-Petros Tournaris Android Software Engineer @ Workable [email protected]
  2. 1. Have a default handler for every expected (exceptional, common

    or not) error. 2. Handle specific errors as appropriate based on where and when they occur. 3. Have a default catch-all handler for unknown errors. 4. Override any default handler if needed. 5. Keep our code DRY.
  3. Global VS Specific Global Handle an error in a common

    way Specific Handle an error specifically for a screen
  4. Configure • on(T, Action) • on(Class<? extends Exception>, Action) •

    clear() • bindErrorCode(T, MatcherFactory<T>) • bindErrorCodeClass(Class<T>, MatcherFactory<T>)