Finding Truth in Angular: Explorations in Data Visualizations

F6c4a7544807fe0b8a874e83eb84b481?s=47 Pearl Chen
October 23, 2014

Finding Truth in Angular: Explorations in Data Visualizations

At the heart of a well-architected web application there should be a clear separation between the user interface (the “view”), the business logic (the “controller”) and the driving data behind it (the “model”).

Pearl Chen uses Angular to build interactive data visualizations; she do this to both tell stories with data, and to find the truth in datasets. Aptly, a guiding principle around MVC architecture is: “The model is the truth.”

In this session, Pearl will break down how she structured a few of her visualizations, and how Angular helped her find “MVC zen”.

Show how model-driven app architecture makes for cleaner code.

Target audience:
Web designers, web developers, data story tellers

Assumed audience knowledge:
Beyond Angular 101 knowledge

Five things the audience will learn:
Model-view-controller basics
How Angular views, controllers, directives and filters can work together with concrete examples
How a simple Angular example compares to the same thing written in jQuery
Basics of designing and developing an interactive data visualization
Tips for optimizing CSS and JS for smooth graphics performance


Pearl Chen

October 23, 2014