Responsive, iterative, collaborative

F6c4a7544807fe0b8a874e83eb84b481?s=47 Pearl Chen
April 02, 2014 Responsive, iterative, collaborative

In early 2013, a skunkworks team of designers, developers and strategists came together to rethink the website of one of Canada's largest telcos. was the first project to come out of the TELUS Digital Labs, and there were many lessons learned along the way, such as how to implement Lean methodology in an Enterprise-loving company, how to get designers and developers rapid prototyping together, and more. What worked and what needed re-work in this large mobile-first, responsive redesign? Get a behind the scenes look into some of the processes, tools and technologies used to get off the ground in only four months, with updates almost every week.

Presented at DevWeek 2014:


Pearl Chen

April 02, 2014