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DevWeek 2015 - Internetting Your Things

DevWeek 2015 - Internetting Your Things

Presented at DevWeek London 2015: http://devweek.com/agenda#internetting-your-things-0d11784e-749e-4eef-a85c-d2e6a1aaab82

From big consumer success stories, such as the Nest Thermostat, to more offbeat monitoring systems, such as Botanicalls (which lets your plant call you when it is thirsty), your *things* are finding their own voice through small but powerful embedded microcontrollers.

The market for the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables is exploding. But as a software developer, what are your options for getting started with making physical things when you’re more used to writing software? Luckily, the world of hardware tinkering has become incredibly accessible and you don’t need an electrical engineering degree to prototype your next IoT project.

You’ve probably heard of Arduino – an inexpensive and flexible microcontroller taking the maker world by storm – but in this session, Pearl will also go through a few hardware options great for hobbyist and rapid prototyping. She will also discuss the various ways you can get your things to talk, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Pearl Chen

March 24, 2015


  1. I n t e r n e t t i

    n g Yo u r T h i n g s P E A R L C H E N Join the conversation on Twitter: @DevWeek #DW2015
  2. He l l o ! My Na m e I

  3. Only some of my microcontrollers…

  4. computer icon by Juan Pablo Bravo & painting icon by

    Mikael Westman (via thenounproject.com) X
  5. computer icon by Juan Pablo Bravo & modified classroom icon

    by Rafael Farias Leão (via thenounproject.com)
  6. Blind Self Portrait (2012) by Kyle McDonald & Matt Mets

    (via vimeo.com/40279845)
  7. The result of me posing with "zombie face" for the

    Blind Self Portrait drawing machine.
  8. The Telephone Call (2001) by Janet Cardiff (via vimeo.com/40279845)

  9. "Shirley," a binaural recording device by 
 Janet Cardiff &

    George Bures Miller 
 (via nytimes.com)
  10. Scary emergency exit photo by Keith Lathrop (via idighardware.com)

  11. Accessory Nerve (2005) by Cute Circuit (via we-make-money-not-art.com)

  12. (fly)light LED sculpture by Pearl Chen

  13. (fly)light LEDs by Pearl Chen

  14. (fly)light circuits by Pearl Chen

  15. A few websites I've done as a front end developer

  16. ADK Andy by Pearl Chen

  17. Two of my HTML5Rocks articles.

  18. I mostly work on IoT hackathon on boarding materials.

  19. Basic Stamp 1975: Microchip PIC example Arduino shield Arduino

  20. stacked shields (via wikipedia)

  21. MaKey MaKey

  22. T h e d e c l i n e

    o f A r d u i n o T M ? ? ?
  23. None
  24. T H I R D I N D U S

    T R I A L R E V O LU T I O N From The Economist, April 2012 A number of remarkable technologies are converging: clever software, novel materials, more dexterous robots, new processes (notably 3D printing) and a whole range of web-based services. The factory of the past was based on cranking out zillions of identical products. ! The factory of the future will focus on mass customisation.
  25. W H Y S H O U L D YO

    U B E I N T E R E S T E D ? • Turn dumb things into smart things. • Proliferation of ambient notifications. • More and more screen-less experiences. • Body and location awareness. • Context is KING.
  26. H O W D O YO U C H O

    O S E ? • Price?
 $100+, < $100 USD, < $80, < $50, < $30, < $20, < $10 • Form factor?
 Dedicated space, tight space, wearable • Connectivity?
 Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, none • Programming language?
 Arduino, JavaScript, C++, Python, no programming • Run-time environment and processing speed?
 Arduino/Embedded vs. Linux • Community?
 Can you get help when you need it?
  27. No p ro g r a m m i n

    g ^ embedded
  28. L I T T L E B I T S

  29. M A K E Y M A K E Y

  30. T W I N E

  31. B u i l t - i n Wi -Fi

  32. S PA R K

  33. I N T E L E D I S O

  34. A R D U I N O Y U N

  35. E L E C T R I C I M

  36. T E S S E L 2

  37. B u i l t - i n 3 G

  38. S PA R K E L E C T R

    O N
  39. B u i l t - i n B l

    u e t o o t h L E
  40. L I G H T B LU E B E

    A N
  41. E S T I M OT E

  42. A d d o n s r e q u

    i r e d
  43. R A S P B E R R Y P

  44. A R D U I N O S H I

    E L D S / A D A P T E R S
  45. G e t t i n g s t a

    r t e d
  46. G R O V E S TA R T E

    R K I T S