Homesteading: The New Entrepreneurial Model

Homesteading: The New Entrepreneurial Model

Learn how to build software that generates passive income by combining your entrepreneurial drive with your programming skills.


Matthew Bass

February 20, 2009


  1. The New Entrepreneurial Model Homesteading

  2. teascript? and various other philisophical questions...

  3. ground rules or how to keep from getting deprecated...

  4. homesteading 500.times { timber.nail }

  5. getting real
 37signals build less stay lean manage debt

  6. getting real
 “The old school model of shipping software in

    a box and then waiting a year or two to deliver an update is fading away.”
  7. from nil to idea find a target niche pick something

    easy solve one problem
  8. taking off scope out the competition create a skeleton app

    post a teaser page
  9. build what they need beta testing use the feedback be

    willing to change
  10. when to stop minimum functionality don't get sidetracked courage, mates

  11. design pretty sells an investment coders that design?

  12. <gasp> deployment </gasp> VPS vs. shared Apache proxying Mongrel Phusion

    Passenger Capistrano, baby
  13. mar-ki-teeng newsletters let others spam for you speaking for fun

    and profit Google AdWords
  14. maintenance customer support minor enhancements massive upgrades

  15. measuring dashboard how many upgrade? support requests performance

  16. the buck starts here revenue potential? stop trading time for

    money multiple sources
  17. how, again? set some goals stake out some land work,

    work, rest relax... it's only ones and zeros
  18. more...

  19. questions? comments? pithy quotes? Matthew Bass