A newer updated version of my DevOps talk with more on the culture aspects and metrics. Presented at the Auckland Software Craftsmanship Meetup.


Peter Goodman

August 12, 2015


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    DevOps @petegoo a re a l t h i n

    g o r j u s t a n o t h e r buzzword bingo triple word score?
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    Lowering the risk of change through TOOLS CULTURE a n

    d John Allspaw and Paul Hammond 2009
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    CULT URE “It all starts with blameless post-mortems” Josh Robb,

    smart guy “You can see human error as the cause of trouble or you can see it as the symptom of deeper trouble.” Sidney Dekker
 The Field Guide to understanding Human Error
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    Metrics “we aren't paid to write code, we're paid to

    create business value” Coda Hale
 Metrics, metrics everywhere
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    Metrics “our code generates business value when it runs, not

    when we write it” Coda Hale
 Metrics, metrics everywhere
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    Metrics “your mental model of how it runs is not

    equal to reality. 
 Mind the Gap.” Coda Hale
 Metrics, metrics everywhere
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    Metrics “measure it in production, not in a test lab

    or your laptop” Coda Hale
 Metrics, metrics everywhere
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