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Accelerating Experiments with Continuous Delivery

Accelerating Experiments with Continuous Delivery

Talk given at the Lean Startup Meetup Munich.

A fast and reliable Build–Measure–Learn feedback loop is a central goal of Lean Startup after Release 1. Continuous Delivery is the ultimate method to accelerate your Build phase but it is more than just automation of manual tasks. In this talk we give an introduction to the Continuous Delivery mindset and practices and help entrepreneurs understand the benefits and challenges of the process.

Philipp Meier

January 30, 2014

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  1. codecentric AG Accelerating Experiments with Continuous Delivery CONTINUOUS DELIVERY Kai

    Rusteberg | Philipp Meier

    1/31/14 2 ACCELARATED BY CD
  3. codecentric AG NEW PRODUCT RELEASE COMING UP 1/31/14 3

  4. codecentric AG WEEKEND OF FIREFIGHTING? 1/31/14 4

  5. codecentric AG FAST AND RELIABLE RELEASE 1/31/14 5

  6. codecentric AG CONTINUOUS DELIVERY - OVERVIEW 1/31/14 6 §  Cover

    all areas of build phase §  Automation is a key strategy
  7. codecentric AG §  Increase speed and reliability §  Reduce wasted

    work §  Focus on adding value §  Build quality in §  Trust in development and operation BENEFITS 1/31/14 7
  8. codecentric AG analyze User Stories Personas Story Mapping Mockups architect

    Evolutionary Architecture Adequate Documentation code Test Driven Development Mocks & Stubs Design Refactoring build Continuous Integration Distributed Version Control Dependency Management Feature Branches / Toggles test Continuous Testing Acceptance Test Driven Development Static code analysis and metrics NFR Testing deploy Continuous Deployment Delivery Pipeline Release Process (Version, Notes, Migration) PRACTICES 1/31/14 8 Craftsmanship Automation
  9. codecentric AG 1/31/14 9 PRACTICES MATURITY Basic Experienced Expert Root-Cause

    Analysis Delivery Retrospective Continuous Integration Stop the Line SOLID Refactoring TDD Infrastructure as Code Continuous Deployment Value Stream Map SCA & Metrics ATDD Test Coverage > 80 % Dependency Management Fast Builds Production near Testenvironments NFR Tests Cross-Functional Teams Feature Toogles Incremental DB Mockups Automated Provisioning Virtualization DevOps User Stories Test Isolation Branch by Abstraction Acceptance Criteria Technical Debt Emergent Architecture BDD Go! Deployment Pipeline
  10. codecentric AG PROJECT EXPERIENCE - MINDSET 1/31/14 10 §  Thinking

    in software §  Software craftsmanship §  Short feedback loop §  Everyone is involved, no silos §  Know why, not just how
  11. codecentric AG PROJECT EXPERIENCE - DON‘T PANIC 1/31/14 11 § 

    Think big, act small §  Learning by doing §  Don‘t rush it
  12. codecentric AG PROJECT EXPERIENCE - COLLABORATION 1/31/14 12 §  Development

    & operation part of one team §  Focus on learning §  Reduce local optimization
  13. codecentric AG 1/31/14 13 §  Increase speed and reliability § 

    Automation & software craftsmanship form synergies §  Mindset > Practice > Tool §  One team for development & operation CONCLUSION
  14. codecentric AG DISCUSSION Philipp Meier [email protected] Mobil: 0172 / 1491473

    Twitter: @philippmeiercc Kai Rusteberg [email protected] Mobil: 0162 / 2301792 Twitter: @kai2hawaii