Fantastic passwords and where to find them

8ec1383b240b5ba15ffb9743fceb3c0e?s=47 Phil Nash
October 03, 2018

Fantastic passwords and where to find them

The humble password is broken. The internet is littered with poor security practices and password breaches, but the world is not ready to go password free yet. So what can we do to protect our users?

Let's take a look at how we currently protect passwords, at what we can throw away from those processes and what we can bring in to strengthen our users' passwords. Together we can move the world from "password1" to "correct horse battery staple" and beyond!



How to Encourage Stronger Passwords: P1e@$e $t0p Using Bad Rules:
Better passwords in Ruby applications with the Pwned Passwords API:
Round up: Libraries for checking Pwned Passwords in your 7 favorite languages:

1,464 Western Australian government officials used ‘Password123’ as their password. Cool, cool:


No BS Password checker:
zxcvbn-js: (but it's not JS...)



Phil Nash

October 03, 2018