Thinking Offline at GDG DevFest London

8ec1383b240b5ba15ffb9743fceb3c0e?s=47 Phil Nash
October 08, 2016

Thinking Offline at GDG DevFest London

Building a progressively enhanced, offline capable web application requires a different way of thinking. Not only is JavaScript optional, so is the network. Throughout this talk we’ll explore the life of a simple, though not trivial, web application that was built from the ground up as offline first. A base experience, static resources, dynamic pages, data and notifications will all play a part in this story of a new way of working with the web.


Offline apps course on Udacity:

The demo SMS app:

HTML5Rocks intro to service worker:
Service Worker spec:
Is Service Worker Ready Yet?
And resources:
Service Worker Cookbook:
Addy Osmani - Offline Storage for Progressive Web Apps -

Twilio Blog: Web powered SMS inbox with push notifications:
Background sync:


Phil Nash

October 08, 2016