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Symfony: Step Into Enterprise

Symfony: Step Into Enterprise

An high-level introduction to Symfony for developing enterprise applications, presented in Eskimo Tech Session 1.

Mohammad Emran Hasan

January 25, 2020

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  1. What are we talking about? • Enterprise Software • Why

    Symfony • Symfony Superpowers • Symfony Community • Why NOT Symfony • How does this affect me
  2. Enterprise Software Enterprise software, is computer software used to satisfy

    the needs of an organization rather than individual users. Enterprise Software is a collection of computer programs that have common business applications, tools for modeling how the entire organization works, and development tools for building applications unique to the organization. 
  3. Enterprise Software • Robustness • Reliability • Scalability • Available

    Packages • Security / Compliance • Community Support
  4. Enterprise Software • Documentation • Development Team • Deployment &

    Dev-Ops • Project Length • Business Complexity • Commercial Support • Robustness • Reliability • Scalability • Available Packages • Security / Compliance • Community Support
  5. Symfony • Web: H0pFounda5on, H0pKernel, Rou5ng, … • Infrastructure: DotEnv,

    Console, DependencyInjec5on, Cache, Lock, Messenger, ... • Language: VarDumper, VarExporter, H0pClient, Polyfill, Intl, Process, Ldap, ... • Features: ExpressionLanguage, Workflow, Mailer,...
  6. Why NOT Symfony • Short-run project, MVP, early startup phase

    • Development team does not have strong OOP understanding • Development team cannot invest 5me for learning • Company not inves5ng in the long-term • Client projects with extremely 5ght deadlines