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  1. Cities Without Litter Through Artificial Intelligence - Littering Investigation and

    Analysis “Takanome” is an artificial intelligence-based program that maps litter and measures the severity thereof using visual recognition technology. We aim to contribute to creating litter-free cities by evaluating anti-litter efforts through our cutting-edge research and providing other consulting services related to urban development. Issues in Beautification to Date and Takanome To date, there have been various beautification projects across Japan (e.g., enactment of ordinances, volunteer cleanup projects and awareness campaigns). Many financial and human resources have been expended to these efforts. But because there has been no method or standard for measuring the severity of littering, we have not been able to measure the effects of cleanup efforts and generally understand the litter problem. “Takanome,” a litter investigation system, makes it possible for users to investigate and analyze litter in a wide area with high accuracy at a low price. Many municipalities have already adopted “Takanome” and are using it to understand the litter problem and measure the effects of cleanup efforts – they use the collected data for following purposes: Investigation Process Using Takanome 1. Develop Investigation Plan 2. Capture Street Surfaces 3. Analyze Video 4. Check Quality/ Calibrate Depending on the purpose of the research, design research area and frequency Capture sidewalks in research area with special app Use visual recognition technology to analyze types and quantity of litter Final checks by trained staff 5. Prepare Report Use heat maps to better understand results Evaluate Locations for Trash Cans and Smoking Areas Reduce Costs of Beautification, Cleanup and Awareness Projects Sync with Regional Cleanup Efforts Evaluate Litter “Patrol” Routes Compare Against Other Regions Research Designs to Prevent Littering Map Data @ 2016 Google, ZENRIN Takanome Takanome
  2. ϝσΟΞܝࡌɾड৆ྺ Takanome Stats Thus Far Case Study 2 • Scope:

    Litter research in identified area (500m x 500m) • Research: Analysis of effect of litter “patrols” for 1 month • Time: 1 month –2 investigations to production of report • Cost: Approx. USD 3K Steps to Installation Case Study 1 • Scope: Litter research near approx. 30 stations • Research: Analysis of interplay between litter and factors that may impact litter (e.g., smoking areas, trash cans) • Time: 3 months – for investigation to production of report • Cost: Approx. USD 30K ※Please contact us for further information on costs. Installed Municipalities • Minato-ku, Tokyo and Yokohama, Etc. Meetings (Multiple) Proposal / Estimate Agrmt Develop Investigation Plan Capture Street Surfaces Analyze Video Check Quality Prepare Report/ Next Steps We confirm the client’s needs through a number of meetings and thereafter, we will make a proposal and provide estimates. As soon as specs are agreed upon, we will prepare a detailed investigation plan and proceed to investigation and analysis. Research/Analysis Meetings We will prepare a report based on the research results and propose next steps. Media Coverage NHK world, TV Tokyo World Business Satellite, Yahoo News, Tech Crunch, CNET Japan and many others. Awards Open Network Lab 3rd – Best Team Award eco japan cup 2012 –Judges’ Special Award (Kokuryo Award) Eco Summit Berlin Eco Summit Award 2013 –1st Prize Keio University Municipality App Contest –Grand Prize Awards and Media Coverage Pirika – Contact Us Pirika, Inc. is a start-up created in 2011 in the research facilities of Kyoto University. We aim to solve environmental problems with the power of science and technology. Our first step is to solve the global litter problem – for which no effective solution has been found and which affects everyone in the world. Pirika, Inc. CEO Fujio Kojima Open Network Space, 2 Floor, EBISU i-Mark Gate Bldg., 3-5-7 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022 Japan [email protected] +81-50-5582-5878 (Direct) http://www.pirika.org Takanome