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  1. Reducing Litter through Social Networks Pirika – Municipal/Regional Edition The

    World’s Largest Scale Social Network for Litter Reduction The municipal/regional edition “Pirika” is a program that enables users to record and visualize litter reduction and cleanup efforts through the social network “Pirika,” which is the world’s largest scale social network for litter reduction. Pirikahas contributed to more than 60 million items of litter in 77 countries being picked up. It vitalizes cleanup efforts within regions and contributes to awareness increase and beautification efforts. Litter Reduction – Issues and Solutions 1. Individual/ Org-Based Cleanup Pirika Promotes Municipal/Regional Litter Cleanup Efforts • Increase awareness of cleanup projects à Increases cleanup volunteers and participants • Positive feedback and appreciation from project participants and other users à Increases proportion of volunteers who continue litter cleanup To date, it has been common for cleanup efforts to be sporadic and unorganized, and consequently, it has not been for the most part possible to accurately measure the effects of cleanup efforts. With the municipal/regional edition Pirika, a social network which facilitates the visualization of the cleanup process, it is now possible for users to (i) share measured results of cleanup efforts, (ii) to participate and cleanup efforts (regardless of time and location) and (iii) (for companies and other organizations), utilize Pirika as a platform for publicizing cleanup efforts. The foregoing qualities of Pirika support and promote cleanup efforts within municipalities. Additionally, by analyzing the type/volume of litter by region and season, Pirika contributes to effective cleanup and beautification projects. Pirika Mechanics and Special Qualities 2. Submit Efforts to Social Network via Phone/Computer 3. Publicize Litter Cleanup Efforts, Raising Awareness 4. Analyze Data Related to Litter Anybody (regardless of time or location) can participate in local cleanup projects Free app enables users to easily report cleanup efforts live and real time Users can see who participated in cleanup projects (and additionally, time and location) Contribute to making cleanup projects effective and efficient by analyzing data on collected litter
  2. Media Coverage NHK world, TV Tokyo World Business Satellite, Yahoo

    News, Tech Crunch, CNET Japan and many others. Awards Open Network Lab 3rd – Best Team Award eco japan cup 2012 –Judges’ Special Award (Kokuryo Award) Eco Summit Berlin Eco Summit Award 2013 –1st Prize Keio University Municipality App Contest –Grand Prize Awards and Media Coverage Pirika – Contact Us Pirika, Inc. is a start-up created in 2011 in the research facilities of Kyoto University. We aim to solve environmental problems with the power of science and technology. Our first step is to solve the global litter problem – for which no effective solution has been found and which affects everyone in the world. Pirika, Inc. CEO Fujio Kojima Open Network Space, 2 Floor, EBISU i-Mark Gate Bldg., 3-5-7 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022 Japan [email protected] +81-50-5582-5878 (Direct) http://www.pirika.org ϝσΟΞܝࡌɾड৆ྺ Achievements of Municipal/Regional Edition Pirika Following the installation of Pirika in September 2014, over 60,000 volunteers have participated in cleanup projects and over 16 million items of litter have been picked up in Fukui Prefecture (population: 800,000). Individuals and companies that picked up the most litter have been awarded, and cleanup efforts generally have been vitalized. Installation History • Yokohama City (October 2016 –) • Fukui Prefecture (September 2014 – ) Installation Costs Model Case (city with population of 10 m) • First Year: Approx. USD 20K (development costs + maintenance costs (6 months)) • Subsequent Years: Approx. USD 15K (maintenance costs (12 months)) Note: Please contact us for details. Installation Process We confirm the client’s needs through a number of meetings, and thereafter, we will make a proposal and provide estimates. As soon as specifications and other details are agreed upon, installation will begin after about three months of preparing for development and installation. Meetings (multiple) Identify Specs Prep for Dev’t/ Installation (~3 mo’s) Begin Installation Proposals/ Estimates Agreement