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Sweetie Bot by Cloud Hop (#PonyDev @ BronyCon 2017)

Sweetie Bot by Cloud Hop (#PonyDev @ BronyCon 2017)

A 5 minute lightning talk at BronyCon 2017's Pony Developers and Coders panel. Find more at http://developer.horse

Inky Collective

August 12, 2017

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  1. Introduction Erik McClure aka Cloud Hop From Redmond, Washington Worked

    at Microsoft for 16 months Made Pony Clicker (for some reason) Sometimes writes music and fanfiction http://cloudhop.horse
  2. Discord  A new chat and voice client for gamers

    that emerged in late 2015.  Way better than Skype in almost every way  Then again, Skype sets a bar somewhere beneath the Mariana Trench.  Deals with large groups much better than Telegram  Is now being used as a replacement for IRC chatrooms
  3. Problem  Early in Discord’s history, there was no official

    bot API or rate limiting.  Our chatroom was targeted by trolls and “raided”  This usually meant spamming lots of 卐卐卐卐卐  This could actually crash the client  At the time, DiscordGo was one of the few API libraries out there  So I wrote an anti-spam bot using the unofficial API
  4. Evolution  Discord eventually supported an official Bot API and

    introduced rate limiting  However, they introduced an @everyone ping, and it was a simple text-search  There was no separate “don’t let people ping everyone” role  Even after this was fixed, spammers started individually pinging everyone on the entire user list  Now they’re spamming friend invites too, which are impossible to detect  As discord grew, the API became more decentralized and introduced more spurious errors  Exploitation of the platform has gotten so bad, some larger servers have been raided with over 300 bots at the same time.  The API still isn’t very well documented, and Sweetie Bot must contend with harsh rate limits.  Also, Discord’s abuse team asks you to not delete the messages you’re trying to report?!
  5. Pressure System  Originally only checked for n messages in

    m seconds.  This worked until rate limiting forced them to adapt.  Pressure system is a decaying heat based system.  Unlike Fimfiction’s heat system, uses a linear decay rate.  This turns out to model real conversations the best.
  6. Raid Detection  This checks if more than n users

    have joined in m seconds, and still uses this system today.  If this happens, alerts the moderators and puts the server in lockdown  The mods can then activate autosilence mode to “cage” all newcomers for interrogation  Lockdown increase security level to the maximum to temporarily halt spammers  This is necessary to deal with enormous bot raids due to rate limit problems  Now also supports banning everyone in a raid instantly.