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Presenting as a developer?

Presenting as a developer?

When hear presenting most programmers neglect it as something not worthwhile, something meant for managers.

And it is true that managers do have to care about that, but why should you care about it as a developer?

Is sticking to your technical domain enough to be great at what you do?
If that is so, how come there are a few developers who get the best opportunities and others who struggle to find a few?

What makes the best stand out from the rest?

In this talk I gave at Questers, I share what is your incentive as a dev to invest in presenting, how can it skyrocket your career and turn you from someone who barely scratches the surface of dev opportunities to someone who gets opportunities knocking on his door.


Preslav Mihaylov

June 12, 2018


  1. PRESENTING as a developer? P. Mihaylov, Questers Bulgaria 2018

  2. AGENDA ________________ why should you care? starting the journey… Q&A

  3. why should you care?

  4. dev ➔ manager

  5. manager ➔ awesome manager

  6. but why devs?

  7. how can I be a great dev?

  8. study, practice, commit, dedicate, grind…

  9. …work hard

  10. but there is a missing piece

  11. workx = great dev

  12. workx marketing= great dev

  13. wait

  14. marketing: really?

  15. marketing: value ➔ people

  16. marketing can make you

  17. marketing can break you

  18. types of devs

  19. talk work charlatan martyr hustler source: joeyroth.com

  20. ➔ how to marketing? presenting

  21. starting the journey…

  22. first things first

  23. have guts

  24. The only time a man can be brave is when

    he is afraid “ ” Ned Stark
  25. teach me something new

  26. massive action

  27. where do I find gigs? ________________ university/academy high schools small-venue

    dev events presentation groups/classes conferences
  28. any other?

  29. remember

  30. workx marketing= great dev

  31. presenting ➔ marketing ➔

  32. have the right mindset ________________ guts action substance

  33. find the right opportunities…

  34. …and be a hustler. /preslavmihaylov blogging at pmihaylov.com preslav@pmihaylov.com