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Application Modernization

Pooja Mistry
November 23, 2020

Application Modernization

Modernize with Containers: Migrate Legacy Java Applications :
On the journey to the cloud, enterprise developers are facing challenges moving their existing on-premises applications to the cloud quickly and cost-effectively. One of the best solutions to this challenge is to modernize the platform infrastructure of an existing application and update its internal architecture and features.

In this exclusive online workshop designed by IBM Developer and Infosys, we will demonstrate how to take a Java Application running on-premises in WebSphere and modernize it to run as a container on Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud.

In this workshop we will:

Discuss the theory of application modernization and best practices to consider when modernizing applications
Cover real-world scenarios from Infosys Architects
A demonstration of using IBM Transformation Advisor to analyze Java EE applications

There will also be a hands-on workshop run on IBM Developer Skills Network to cover the following:

Building a Java-based container image locally based on the artifacts built from Transformation Advisor.
Pushing the container image to a container registry
Deploying the modernized application to an OpenShift cluster

A free IBM Cloud Account: https://ibm.biz/BdqUxG
Register for this event here: http://ibm.biz/modernize-apps

Pooja Mistry - IBM Cloud Developer Advocate
Mangesh Patanker - IBM Cloud Developer Advocate
Manisha - Lead Principal, Education, Infosys
Balaji SK - Principal ETA(Education Training and Assessment), Infosys

Pooja Mistry

November 23, 2020

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  1. Application Modernization Pooja - IBM, Developer Advocate Mangesh - IBM,

    Developer Advocate Manisha - Infosys, Lead Principal, Education Balaji - Infosys, Principal, Education Training and Assessment
  2. Application modernization takes planning Transformation Advisor is a tool to

    help you with application modernization Infosys and IBM have world class experience in application modernization OpenShift is the most ideal platform to modernize applications onto
  3. Why modernize an application? Moving apps to a modern architecture

    takes PLANNING The best candidates are those with high business value and small technical effort Business Value Technical Effort • Is the app being upgraded? • Are there service outages? • Is the user base growing or shrinking? • Written in language no longer supported? • Are libraries deprecated?
  4. Replatform example • Legacy app migrated in full. From traditional

    WebSphere Application Server to WebSphere Liberty running in a cluster • Transformation Advisor provides guidance with equivalent Liberty config for migrated app • Associated middleware is left in place and still used by migrated app Legacy app Middleware Before After Migrated app Liberty Container
  5. war 1 Repackage to microservices • Components (.war files) of

    legacy app (.ear) migrated to separate Liberty containers • DB2 is left in place and still used by migrated app • IBM MQ is partitioned. Container version handles communications between migrated modules. Legacy version handles communications between migrated modules and other legacy apps Legacy app (.ear) Before After war 1 war 2 war 2 Migrated apps Middleware
  6. Refactor using the strangler pattern • Component (war 3) of

    legacy app is rebuilt as a web app and a set of microservices • New microservices and app use their own containerized data and messaging middleware • Legacy app proxies all requests for war 3 to new implementation and handles everything else. Over time more of the legacy app is rebuilt and eventually it will be no longer be needed Legacy app (.ear) Before After war 1 war 3 Web app Microservice 1 Web app + microservices war 2 … Microservice n Middleware
  7. Ten Reasons to Modernize Applications 1. Reduce resource usage 2.

    Reduce license costs 3. Achieve faster time to market 4. Enable developments of bigger new features 5. Run mission critical applications on a future ready platform 6. Improve operational efficiency 7. Increase developer productivity 8. Improve user experience 9. Handle expensive legacy applications 10. Keep managers happy Reference : http://heidloff.net/article/ten-reasons-why-enterprises-should-modernize-applications/
  8. A leading aerospace company moves to cloud with minimal disruption

    (Replatform) § Reduce total cost of ownership § De-risk and accelerate data migration with robust governance § Reduce mainframe cost while providing higher business agility on cloud B U S I N E S S C A S E § Migrate application to an MF emulator on cloud § Migrate DW to cloud database § Migrate MQ to iPaaS S O L U T I O N Travel Use Case § Cost saving due to reduction in customer hardware and MIPS usage § Cloud setup enables newer capabilities like real time event processing and data analytics C U S T O M E R B E N E F I T S
  9. A large European bank modernizes itself to enhance customer experience

    and agility (Refactor) § Lack of mobile support § Lack of integration with Govt. regulations § Scalability issue to support growing volume of transactions B U S I N E S S C A S E § API-ification of existing system via SOAP/REST bases APIs § New functionality developed on Cloud § Integration via iPaaS and API Management Platform S O L U T I O N Finance Use Case § Enhanced customer experience § Significant improvement in system’s agility § Innovation roadmap, e.g. voice interface on top of APIs C U S T O M E R B E N E F I T S
  10. Kubernetes Cluster Docker Sintval MS Docker Sintval MS Docker Sintval

    MS 1 2 Mediation/Aggregation Caching Monetization Integration Workflow in iPaaS A P I G A T E W A Y S E C U R I T Y Mule Mainframe UI Mobile App Cloud/On-Prem App Browser Modern UI API API Twilio Microservice Notification Microservice Event Listen Event API API K A F K A Application Programs, CICS Cobol, PL1 SOAP Service Call Database File System Developer Portal 3 System After
  11. § Leveraging existing application logic § Need to accelerate application

    development and maintenance § Monolithic applications that are complex and tightly coupled C H A L L E N G E S A D D R E S S E D § Included and deployed with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications § Introspects existing WebSphere/JBoss Deployments § Provides recommendations, guidance and artifacts for deployment in Liberty containers and Kubernetes clouds B E N E F I T S IBM Transformation Advisor Scans and collects information about applications running on WebSphere/JBoss and provides recommendations and templates for modernizing
  12. Simple: No code changes Moderate: Some refactoring needed Complex: May

    decide to run in WAS/JBoss in VMs before re-engineering Create application inventory
  13. Download all files or send to Git Files generated by

    Transformation Advisor to assist in migrating this application Migration Bundle
  14. Lab

  15. App Modernization: E2E flow using Transformation Advisor On-premises Legacy apps

    .war .ear Middleware Browser Transformation Advisor Application Analysis Migration Bundle Liberty Containerized Application 2 1 3 4 5
  16. Scope of the Lab Cloud Local Dev Environment Build Dockerfile

    Run and Test Application Deploy to Cloud
  17. IBM Skills Network Instructions Terminal IDE Free to sign up

    Access to OpenShift Based on Eclipse Theia
  18. Application modernization takes planning Transformation Advisor is a tool to

    help you with application modernization Infosys and IBM have world class experience in application modernization OpenShift is the most ideal platform to modernize applications onto
  19. • Transform your traditional on-premises app and deploy it as

    a containerized app on a public cloud • IBM Developer, August 25, 2020 • Tutorial: App Modernization Journey (Replatform) • IBM Cloud Garage, June 2020 • 10 Reasons why Enterprises should modernize Applications • Niklas Heidloff, August 12, 2020 • Application Modernization Field Guide • IBM Cloud, December 2019 Resources
  20. 34