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10 things about Postman everyone should know!

10 things about Postman everyone should know!

10 things about Postman everyone should know!

Pooja Mistry

July 26, 2022

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  1. All rights reserved by Postman Inc 10 Things about Postman

    Everyone Should Know Pooja Mistry Developer Advocate
  2. Hi, I’m Pooja! @poojamakes Developer Advocate, Postman Postman is an

    API platform for building and using APIs. It is used by 20 million + people world wide 🌏🌎🌍 For many teams, Postman is an everyday tool that helps people work with APIs more efficiently @poojamakes
  3. API ecosystem is global and growing 2021 State of the

    API Report countries API requests @poojamakes
  4. So much more to Postman than just sending requests ….

    Postman API templates testing proxies documentation collection runner Workspaces authentication environments open-source projects Newman JSON collaboration mock servers CLI Interceptor runtime Monitors converters automation variables integrations version control API Network session Postman sandbox @poojamakes
  5. 10 Things you should know about Postman 1. The Postman

    API allows you to access data stored in your Postman account 2. Postman Echo can be used for sanity checking 3. Visualize your response data 4. Use Built-in libraries for scripting 5. Manage multiple requests using Workflow Controls 6. Work together by Collaborating 7. Write tests at the Collection Level 8. Monitor your APIs performance 9. GraphQL support 10. Document and Publish your Collections and APIs Bonus* : No-code / low-code with Flows @poojamakes
  6. What’s New in Postman:2022 Integrations • GitLab • API Monitoring

    • Jenkins Search and discovery • Grouped search results • New categories on the Postman API Network Collaboration • Live view of who is visiting a workspace • Fork and pull requests for environments Security and governance Protocols • gRPC support …And more! https://blog.postman.com/whats-new-in-postman-2022-h1-releases/ @poojamakes
  7. Additional Resources Postman Learning Center https://learning.postman.com/docs/getting-started/introduction/ Postman Blogs https://blog.postman.com/ Postman

    Space Camp postman.com/postman/workspace/postman-space-camp/ Community Forum community.postman.com @poojamakes