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Road to Observability

Road to Observability

Road to Observability

Pooja Mistry

June 15, 2021

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  1. Chris Engelbert Senior Developer Advocate @ Instana @noctarius2k Road to

    Observability Centric or Agnostic: That is the Question
  2. Log fi les Performance Metrics Health Metrics Dependencies Pro fi

    le Information Distributed Traces Context Metadata Infrastructure Changes End-User Monitoring SLA SLO Cloud Metrics Alerts
  3. None
  4. Chris Engelbert Senior Developer Advocate @Instana 10+ Years of Software

    Engineering Java, Go, Python, C/C++, …
  5. Co-Speaker: Stan Stan has a Secret!

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  8. ?!

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  16. VS Domain - Centric Domain - Agnostic

  17. Domain - Centric

  18. Domain - Agnostic

  19. One-style collector Consistent data quality Quick and easy getting started

    Domain - Centric
  20. Very opinionated Less systems support Integration with external tools Domain

    - Centric
  21. Reuse existing data collectors Broader systems support Visualization Freedom Domain

    - Agnostic
  22. Many vastly di ff erent collectors Varying data quality Harder

    to setup Domain - Agnostic
  23. None
  24. Stan loves Data!

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