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Accelerating APIs

Accelerating APIs

Accelerating APIs
Create, deploy and test APIs using API Connect 

Pooja Mistry

July 20, 2021

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  1. Accelerating APIs Create, deploy and test APIs using API Connect

    Pooja Mistry - IBM, Developer Advocate Santhosh Ramanathan - TCS, Cloud Pak for Integration Consultant
  2. https://ibm.biz/api-management

  3. API Connect is an API lifecycle platform to create, secure,

    manage, and expose APIs IBM and TCS have world class experience in application integration OpenShift is an ideal platform for application integration
  4. API Connect Overview Real-world Use Cases Hands-on Lab: API Connect

  5. 5 Why APIs? Databases Applications SAAS Every organization, regardless of

    size or complexity, NEEDS and USES APIs • Gain access to databases and backend applications for reuse • Easy to interact with legacy and modern architectures • Re-use existing apps • Backend to Front-end (Mobile, Web apps) • Two Speed IT, allow front-end / digital to move faster than traditional • Security, security, security – safest way to let the RIGHT people to access the RIGHT data
  6. What is Cloud Pak for Integration? 6 A collection of

    software to create, manage, secure, and re-use integration assets
  7. Cloud Pak for Integration: API Connect a comprehensive end-to-end API

    lifecycle solution that enables the automated creation of APIs
  8. 8 API Management IBM API Connect Overview

  9. API Connect – Components developer toolkit api manager developer portal

    API traffic API Portal access publish api gateway app developers backend HTTP(S) Client analytics publish 9 Management Runtime API Connect – Components developer toolkit api manager developer portal API traffic API Portal access publish api gateway app developers backend HTTP(S) Client analytics IBM Cloud / © 2019 IBM Corporation publish 11 Management Runtime
  10. Event End Point Management 10 • Description: Events need to

    be described in a way that provides enough information for another developer to make use of them • Discovery: Generating events is only useful if other people make use of them. For developers to make use of them they must be discoverable. • Decentralized: to enable developers to have quick access to these additional event-driven ways of interacting with a system • Decoupled: abstracted interface, independent from how a system is implemented
  11. 11 API Management IBM API Connect Create

  12. Creating APIs 12

  13. Three views – same source 13

  14. Manage APIs through the API Lifecycle • Define & Import

    REST or SOAP APIs to enable clients to evolve their SOA tier • Package APIs into Products and tailor them to target specific consumer markets • Publish and Promote across different environments to align with DevOps practices • Manage and Control API Lifecycle and versioning from staging to deprecation to meet corporate governance needs • Subscription and Community management to grow go-to-market channels 14
  15. 15

  16. 16 API Management IBM API Connect Socialize

  17. Developer Portal 17 • Modern UI/UX design based on customer

    and market feedback • Simple, powerful and extensible customizations built on open-source Drupal 8 • Fast track app creation with a simple subscription wizard designed to reduce friction • Delight and increase app developer productivity with a first class Portal Analytics experience • Effectively engage your developer community with custom email support
  18. API Test and Monitor 18

  19. Demo & Lab

  20. https://github.com/IBM/api-connect-workshop

  21. https://github.com/IBM/api-connect-workshop Start here!

  22. Resources • Accelerating Modernization with Agile Integration • IBM Redbooks,

    January 2020 • Agile integration: A modern approach to enterprise hybrid integration • IBM Cloud Garage, June 2020 • Introducing IBM Cloud Pak for Integration: IBM’s hybrid integration platform • IBM Developer, February 2020 • IBM API Connect Deployment WhitePaper • Managing your APIs throughout the API lifecycle
  23. Check out IBM Developer https://developer.ibm.com/components/redhat-openshift-ibm-cloud/

  24. FREE IBM Cloud Essentials course with BADGE https://cognitiveclass.ai/courses/ibm-cloud-essentials

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