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If you are suddenly assigned to work on k8s

November 28, 2019

If you are suddenly assigned to work on k8s


November 28, 2019

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  1. If you are suddenly assigned to work on k8s Try

    English LT! for engineers #4 Nov 27, 2019 @ po3rin
  2. pon ( @po3rin ) Software Engineer ( Go / Python

    / Rust ) in Tokyo. Interested in NLP & Image Processing . Graduated Nagoya Univ (Physics).
  3. I tried some resources to learn k8s. Today I will

    talk about how to learn k8s for begginer from a beginner's perspective.
  4. My best way to learn k8s 1 : Learn Concepts

    & Quick Start 2 : Learn Details & Actually use
  5. You can start learning k8s immediately without creating an environment

    with pre-configured online terminals 1 : Learn Concepts & Quick Start
  6. My second recommendation is this Hands-on entry written in Japanese

    1 : Learn Concepts & Quick Start Hands-on in Hard way
  7. 2: Kubernetes perfect guide In the hands-on of k8s etc.,

    there is no power to actually operate in production. But this book covers a wide range of detailed and organizes knowledge systematically.
  8. My recommendation is kind !! kind is a tool for

    running local Kubernetes clusters using Docker container. kind supports multi-node (including HA) clusters
  9. I was able to understand the contents of the member's

    k8s talk in a week !! Let's get started without fear of k8s !!