Beautiful Rubyist

Beautiful Rubyist

We — as Rubyists — have proven to be perceptible to aesthetics through our choice of programming language.
In our daily work we often have to touch user interfaces — on the web, desktop and mobile apps or even in API definitions. And while we might sometimes secretly enjoy working so close to the user and out in the open, visible to everyone, we do so rarely with confidence.

It’s time to gain some confidence! This talk will attempt to bring visual aesthetics and code together and to explain some of the most fundamental rules of art and visual design through Ruby: Using Ruby idioms, patterns and syntax we will try to clarify basics like hierarchy, composition, contrast and proportion using everyday interface–related problems as examples and hopefully take on an interesting journey through language, design and code.

You can find a “transcript” here:


Florian Plank

August 17, 2013