Enabling Design for a Complex Reality

8c367856dfeee6972848cc82c79c0638?s=47 Florian Plank
November 07, 2014

Enabling Design for a Complex Reality

Responsive Design was the reaction of creators on the web to cope under the mobile revolution. Exponentially growing fragmentation in screen resolution and density, processing power and memory, input devices and bandwidth pushed classic design approaches to it’s limits.

With the rise of the ‘internet of things’, the second coming of Augmented Reality and the ‘ubiquitous browser’ we have reached an unseen level of UI complexity. — Strategic design for this new reality requires better tools than box models and Photoshop.

Prototypes to the rescue! — The web and the browser as platform have become truly ubiquitous and allow us to build prototypes for a large variety of web and non–web environments with a well understood, progressively developed and comparably simple technology stack in very small time frames. Design for complex circumstances becomes transparent, tangible and before all else — it becomes fast again.

This talk will explore our approach to design through prototyping, show why we believe that prototypes are the way to go and explain how we’re using a technology stack selected for change to our advantage.


Florian Plank

November 07, 2014