Ready, set, immersion!

8c367856dfeee6972848cc82c79c0638?s=47 Florian Plank
December 03, 2015

Ready, set, immersion!

Getting ready for the second coming of VR.

It’s been a long time coming, a really long time in fact — but Virtual Reality has finally arrived. Again. — In 2016, VR hardware and software will be available to the masses in sufficient quality and we can’t wait!

Consider this talk your crash course for the paradigm shift. Forget what you know from your work on traditional HMIs. We’ll discuss underlying technical concepts, user experience and interfaces in VR and give an overview over software as well as hardware solutions to kick–start your first VR projects.,%20Set,%20Immersion!%20%E2%80%94%20Getting%20Ready%20for%20the%20Second%20Coming%20of%20VR


Florian Plank

December 03, 2015