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What is a Digital Nomad

Porto Codes
December 21, 2016

What is a Digital Nomad

Presentation by Daniel Carneiro

Earlier this year I've decided to go for something completely different and joined a remote working program for a month. There I've learned about digital nomads and how it's attracting more people each year. This talk will be about my experiences there, the pros and cons and why you should definitely try it.

Porto Codes

December 21, 2016

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  1. How did it happen? • I’ve been working on Meo

    Music for the past 3 years and earlier this year I’ve found out that: • The contract with Meo was at risk! • The team was going to be relocated
  2. ..and • I got an offer to keep the service

    online until the expiration date • I got an offer to start a project from scratch where people could create and trade digital content (and where I could choose the tech stack ❤)
  3. Solution! • Keep Meo Music running doing the minimum possible

    for things to run “smoothly” • Start building the digital content platform • Learn the Tech Stack (Phoenix + React) • And take a break on the other side of the world
  4. What do Hacker Paradise provide? • Accommodations • Places to

    work (Co-working, coffee shops) • Group activities (weekly lunch, demos, reciprocity ring, presentations, workshops)
  5. What do the group provide? • Explore local dishes •

    Weekend activities (beach, sports, museums) • Short (weekend) trips to places nearby • Hiking trips
  6. What I’ve found out • There’s a lot more people

    on the program than what I had expected. You end up doing a lot of connections) • Everyone was really nice • Techies everywhere! And they were always ready to help
  7. Is there some cons? • You have to handle time

    zones with the rest of your team • Constant travel ends up by being lonely after some time
  8. Targeted at • Techies living in expensive places (San Francisco)

    • Freelancers • People that like to travel • Small working groups
  9. Before this • I’ve didn’t actually knew the term digital

    nomad. • But I found out that is way more popular that what I’ve expected: A Bureau of Labor Statistics study in 2015 stated that 23% of employees globally have experimented with working remotely in some way; almost an incredible 1 in 4!
  10. And there’s a lot of remote working programs • Hacker

    Paradise • Remote Year • WiFly Nomads • Co-Work Paradise • We Roam • WiFi Tribe • Project Getaway • Remote Experience • … https://www.theremotenomad.com/blog/2016/5/10/travel-the-world-and-work-remotely-with-these-10-companies