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MiniShift (OpenShift at Your Desk)

MiniShift (OpenShift at Your Desk)

Minishift is CLI tool that provisions and manages single-node OpenShift clusters optimized for development workflows.

Praveen Kumar

March 20, 2017

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  1. WHO AM I? Praveen Kumar • [email protected] • kumar_pravin @twitter

    • praveenkumar @Github • Works at Red Hat
  2. What is Minishift? • A CLI tool that provisions and

    manages single-node OpenShift clusters optimized for development workflows.
  3. Why Minishift? • No fuss, single command, least setup requirements

    • Get everything you need to simulate a container/microservices environment, at one shot, on your local machine. You do not need to install anything extra. • Run OpenShift locally and experiment with it before you move it to the production scenario
  4. $ minishift --help • config Modifies Minishift configuration properties. •

    console Opens or displays the OpenShift Web Console URL. • delete Deletes the Minishift VM. • docker-env Sets Docker environment variables. • ip Gets the IP address of the running cluster. • logs Gets the logs of the running OpenShift cluster. • openshift Modifies an OpenShift master configuration resource.
  5. $ minishift --help • service Prints the URL for the

    specified service to the console. • ssh Log in to or run a command on a Minishift VM with SSH. • start Starts a local OpenShift cluster. • status Gets the status of the local OpenShift cluster. • stop Stops the running local OpenShift cluster. • version Gets the version of Minishift
  6. Minishift Under The Hood Forked from Minikube • Runs single

    node OpenShift cluster within a VM • Uses libmachine for VM Management • Uses cluster up for OpenShift cluster provisioning
  7. Minishift and Red Hat CDK • Red Hat Container Development

    Kit (CDK) 3 is based on Minishift. ◦ https://developers.redhat.com/products/cdk/overview/
  8. Future Roadmap • https://github.com/minishift/minishift/blob/master/ROADMAP.md ◦ Consistent host folder mounting ◦

    Exposure of the OpenShift registry ◦ Ability to configure/patch OpenShift's master and node configuration ◦ Ability to customize cluster (eg add templates, imagestreams, etc) ◦ … Many more
  9. Community • We are an active community (>300 Github stars

    and counting) • IRC #minishift (on freenode) • ML [email protected]