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Beyond the roadmap: creating differentiation through product marketing love

Beyond the roadmap: creating differentiation through product marketing love


  1. Snapshot of Product Marketing Today How I define PMM: The

    glue that brings disparate stakeholders together. We create scalable, personalized customer experiences to drive growth, profit, and satisfaction. 2019 Upside • Product marketing gaining momentum and respect • Increasingly global world (personally/professionally) • Spice Girls back on tour 2019 Downside • Product marketing STILL ambiguous/misunderstood • Product differentiation increasingly difficult • Golden State Warriors season so far
  2. True or false: If you build a great product, the

    right customers will find it and realize its full value
  3. True or false: If you build a great product, the

    right customers will find it and realize its full value FALSE
  4. How to differentiate through PMM Prioritize (and listen to) the

    Voice of the Customer Craft thoughtful education throughout customer lifecycle Build, train, and maintain consistency across your teams
  5. Prioritize the Voice of the Customer Quantitative and qualitative feedback

    must inform marketing and roadmaps alike Are your users truly satisfied with your product offering (sentiment score, NPS)? Positioning/messaging must solve for the existing and future customers, not insular groupthink
  6. VoC: Developing Personas & ‘Ideal Customer Profiles’ Fictional representations of

    your ideal customers • Other functions must internalise personas • Help us relate to customers as real humans • Exhaustively validate an ICP, for which your product is largely built for and marketed towards
  7. VoC: Mapping out Researched-Backed Segmentation Define buckets of target customers

    - versus blasting generalized messaging • Find PMF for one segment, then expand • Organize existing customers, and decide who are the customers to attract next
  8. Craft thoughtful education throughout customer lifecycle Do you understand their

    unique pain/fit? Create a memorable, differentiated experience through: • the right value messaging • to the right customer • at the right point in the lifecycle
  9. Build, train, and maintain consistency across teams Position products competitively,

    and ensure value messaging shines for each target audience Differentiation requires more than stellar marketing activity: it requires enablement accountability Ethos and purpose—the bigger picture of why this matters—require buy-in from all stakeholders
  10. PMM Strategic Goals: Transform the way the restaurant industry engages

    with online customers Change customer perception of value for money on Deliveroo
  11. Marketer helps restaurant partners: Attracting new customers Prairie Fire BBQ,

    London Offer: 20% off Return: 51% increase in orders, compared to the previous period Target audience: New customers “I really like the way you put so much control back into restaurants’ hands. You can have an impact fast, and you have the control to stop an offer mid-campaign if you wanted to. So it’s easy to say, why not give it a try? Revenue definitely went up [with our first offer]. For a small business, small changes in revenue have a big effect. And a significant portion of our revenue comes through Deliveroo. I was really happy to see is that a component in Marketer is data analysis. You can see how the offer worked, new customers you added, how many people viewed your menu. For me the key thing is the ratio between new customers and existing customers. If you can tweak that ratio, that’s success!”
  12. GTM

  13. Measurement Framework Since launching 1 year ago: • 40,000+ restaurants

    restaurants created an offer • 30% global restaurant adoption and 60% repeat rate • Growth lever for onboarding, churn prevention • 5.1 million consumer orders placed with an offer
  14. Product Marketing Goals New customer acquisition: • X% of new

    customer first orders convert with a Marketer offer • Increasing Marketer incrementality to Y% by attracting new audiences Shifting existing customers: • Move 1.5% A into B segments by June 2020 • Move 2% C into D segments by June 2020 • Increase global indexing with <audience> from 22% to 25%